Analysis of Meccano Manuals


Changes to the manuals during the era

There were a few significant changes during this era. In 1938 the shorter strip plates were withdrawn and were replaced by flexible plates. In 1940 every outfit had at least one manual model changed.

Each year there were minor changes to the manuals, where the relative positions of pictures and or text could change very slightly. These have not been recorded. The 1939 Outfits 9/10 manual has not yet been examined for changes.

American editions of some of these manuals were also produced. See bottom of the page for more details. Apart from America, all other English speaking countries used the same edition as the UK.



Set Model Number
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
7 P P/T -- P/T P/T P P/T P P/T P P P P -- P/T P/T P P P P P/T -- P P/T P
8 P/T -- P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T P P/T P P P/T P P/T P/T P/T P P/T P/T P P/T P P P/T P/T
9 P P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T -- P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T P P/T P P P/T P/T P/T P
10 P P/T P/T P*/T P/T P*/T P/T* P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T P/T                    
P - Flexible plate substituted for the shorter strip plates in model parts list.
T - Text change for the new parts
* - Error, see below

10.4 - Quantity of 195 not amended in the list ***
10.6 - 18 of 192 + 5 of 195 » 23 of 192 + 5 of 195 - **** Note error in list ****
10.7 - Page 64, paragraph 2 - 12½in. * 2½in. strip plates described as flexible plates ****




American Editions

In 1937/8 Mecano Outfits were sold in America by 'The Meccano Company of America Inc'. (These were manufactured mainly by A.C. Gilbert who made Erector) These looked virtually the same as the normal Liverpool outfits. Meccano Ltd (Liverpool) produced the manuals for these American outfits.

The American manuals were the identical to the normal Liverpool editions apart from the American company's name and address on the front cover. Some of the manuals have a paste-in slip on page 1 stating that a clockwork motor was now included in the Outfit. This has been seen in the 1938 No.4 outfit manual.

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