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Plastic Meccano For Sale

I have a large collection of old style Plastic Meccano for sale. I am looking for offers of over £100 for it. Due to the quantity involved the purchaser must collect as carriage would be very expensive.
Location - North Yorkshire.
It is packed into three collapsible crates.

If interested please contact me.

The collection consists of the following (quantities stated are approximate):-

285 of P50 (2 Hole Strip)
180 of P51 (3 Hole Strip)
160 of P52 (4 Hole Strip)
114 of P53 (5 Hole Strip)
67 of P54 (Base)
745 of P55 (Bolt)
440 of P56 (Long Bolt)
910 of P57 (Nut)
26 of P58 (Spanner)
255 of P59 (Angle Bracket)
218 of P60 (Double Angle Strip)
54 of p62 (Pulley)
100 of P63 (Axle Clip)
23 of P64 (Hook)
55 of P65 (Axle 4 1/2")
100 of P66 (2 Hole Triangle)
33 of P67 (Axle 6")
24 of P68 (Crank Handle)
6 of P69 (Axle 5 1/2")
2 of P70 (Large Flanged Disk)
3 of P71 (Small Flanged Disk)
39 of P72 (Flexible Plate)
600 of P74 (Chain Link)
37 of P75 (Bridge Girder)
37 of P76 (3 Hole Triangle)
7 of P77 (Shouldered Spindle)
195 of P78 (Collet Nut)
90 of P79 (Road Wheel)
24 of P80 (Large Gear)
22 of P81 (Medium Gear)
15 of P82 (Small Gear)
15 of P83 (Large Sprocket)
14 of P84 (Small Sprocket)
4 of P87 (5 Hole Girder)
5 of P88 (4 Hole Girder)
2 of P89 (3 Hole Girder)
6 of P90 (2 Hole Girder)
20 of P97 (Fishplate)
12 of P99 (Hex Key and Ring Spanner)
6 of PR1 (Prima Large Disk)
16 of PR2 (Prima Small Disk)
12 of PR3 (Prima 3 Hole Strip)
10 of PR5 (Prima Connector)
14 of PR6 (Prima Road Wheel)