Meccano Ltd. Brochures and Leaflets

Meccano Ltd Brochures (Catalogues, Price Lists, Leaflets etc.)

Meccano Ltd published a wide range of advertising brochures to promote its products. These are fascinating documents for those interested in the history and development of Meccano and Meccano Ltd

This section of my website provides downloads of a large variety of Meccano Ltd's Catalogues, Price Lists, Advertising Leaflets etc.

Also included in this section are the servicing leaflets published by Meccano Ltd in the early 1960s for Hornby and Hornby-Dublo Locomotives and some Meccano Motors.

For convenience the documents on this website are split into several sections:-

  1. Meccano Ltd Product Catalogues and Price Lists.
  2. Meccano Leaflets and Price Lists
  3. Pre-War Meccano Spare Part Lists (most with prices)
  4. Post-War Meccano Spare Part Lists (most with prices)
  5. Dinky Catalogues and Leaflets
  6. Hornby and Hornby-Dublo leaflets
  7. Other Advertising Leaflets
  8. Servicing Leaflets
  9. Other Leaflets
  10. Meccano Guild Leaflets
  11. American Meccano Catalogues and Leaflets


18 January 2020 : Additional American Meccano Leaflets added. Thanks to Kendrick Bisset

18 January 2020 : Additional Plastic Meccano leaflets added to the Meccano Advertising Leaflets page.

19 November 2019 : An addition section of American Meccano catalogues and leaflets has been added. Thanks to Clive Weston for the loan of the literature.

4 August 2019 : Additional leaflets - A 1973 Meccano Products promotional leaflet for Dealers and a letter to Dealers concerning the introduction of the Multikit range.

24 March 2019 : Additional leaflets (mainly for the Swiss market) courtesy of Urs Flammer to the following pages - Meccano Products, Meccano leaflets, Pre-War & Post-War Spare Parts Lists, Other Advertising Leaflets, Other leaflets.

18 March 2019 : Additional leaflets to the following pages - Meccano Products, Dinky, Other Advertising Leaflets.

17 March 2019 : A lot more Meccano Spare Parts Lists added - Especially pre-war ones. The page is now split into two - Pre and Post War. Also advertising leaflets and instruction manuals for Hornby controllers, Lighting accessories and Automatic Circuit Breakers

22 December 2018 : The following items added:-
- Servicing Sheets 24, 25, 26 (Meccano Servicing Leaflets)

6 December 2018 : The following items added:-
- c1968 and 1975 Plastic Meccano Advertising Leaflets (Meccano leaflets)

15 November 2018 : The following item added:-
- 1978 Meccano Advertising Poster (Meccano leaflets)

15 August 2018 : The following items added:-
- January 1977 Meccano parts price list (Meccano parts lists)
- Jigsaw Maker instructions (Other leaflets)
- Meccano Seal of Quality slip (Other leaflets)
- Todays Meccano and request for missing parts (Other leaflets) - Some text errors on the Meccano Parts lists page

26 July 2018 : This section of the website published