Meccano Ltd. Brochures and Leaflets

Miscellaneous UK Meccano Ltd leaflets etc.

Below there are various miscellaneous UK Meccano Ltd leaflets, manuals etc. which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

The 1928 Book of Engineering - Print Code 1028/60
Note that the covers are from a colour copy
Added 29/04/20

Circuit 24 advertising leaflet

Circuit 24 manual

Meccano Magazine Quarterly advertising leaflet - 90p per year

Meccano Magazine Quarterly advertising leaflet - £1.20 per year

Toy Club membership card)

Booklet - Meccano and the Story of Toys - dated 1968

Instructions for the Meccano Jigsaw Maker - The instructions were on the bottom of the box

Instructions for how to replace the cutters on the Meccano Jigsaw Maker in English and three other languages, Ref 55972

The 'Meccano Seal of Quality' slip that was included in motors and other sets during the 1970s, Ref 152535

A 'Todays Meccano' slip that was included in the 1970s sets with details on how to request missing parts. Code No.100392

A leaflet for a Meccano Wonderland Exhibition. Not sure when or where, but probably in the 1960s by the print code. Code No.72059
Added 12/06/20

The sales leaflet for Meccano's Binns Road factory.
Added 11/07/20