Meccano Ltd. Engineering Drawings



  Job No. Title / Description Comments
UK1 12½" Perforated Strip
UK2 5½" Perforated Strip
UK3 3½" Perforated Strip
UK4 3" Perforated Strip
UK5 2½" Perforated Strip
UK6 2" Perforated Strip
UK7 12½" Perforated Angle Girder
UK8 ½" Angle Bracket
UK9 to 9L Axle Rods
UK10A/B/C Crank Handles
UK10D/E Crank Handle Assembly Large & Small
UK11 Flanged Wheel
UK12 1½" Pulley Wheel
UK14 ½" Loose Pulley
UK15 Bush Wheel - 8 Hole
UK16 ¾" Pinion
UK17 ½" Pinion
UK18 1½" Gear Wheel 50 Teeth (NB drawing error - should be 1¼")
UK19 1½" Contrate Wheel
UK20 ¾" Contrate Wheel
UK21 Worm
UK22 Circular Strip 7½" diam.
UK23 Spanner
UK25 Pennant
UK26 Blank & Stock Required for Nuts
UK26A Meccano Bolt 3/8" Long
UK27 Meccano Bolt - 7/32" Long
UK27A Spring Clip
UK29 7/8" Mitre Wheel
UK32 2½" x ½" Double Angle Strip
UK33 2½" x 1" Double Angle Strip
UK35 Faceplate 2½" dia.
UK36 Rack Strip 3½" Long
UK38 1" Triangular Plate
UK39 Washer
UK40 2½" x 1½" Double Angle Strip
UK41 3½" x ½" Double Angle Strip
UK42 1½" Perforated Strip
UK43 5½" x ½" Double Angle Strip
UK44 Gear Wheel 57 Teeth
UK46 Single Bent Strip
UK47 3" x 1½" Double Angle Strip
UK48 Bent Strip, Stepped
UK49 5½" Perforated Angle Girder
UK50 9½" Perforated Angle Girder
UK51 9½" Perforated Strip
UK52 4½" Perforated Strip
UK54 to 54F Screwed Rods
UK54B-G-H Screwed Rods
UK55 Meccano Bolt - ¾" Long
UK56 2½" Reversed Angle Bracket
UK57 1" Reversed Angle Bracket
UK61 Combined Spanner & Scrwedriver
UK62A Pummel for 1" Fast Pulley Also used for 1" Sprocket Wheel
UK63 3½" x 2½" Perforated Flanged Rectangular Plate
UK64 Short Shoulder Pummel Used in part nos. 20, 20b, 50, 109, 116
UK64A Screwed Crank Pummel Used in part 62a (Threaded Crank)
UK65 Threaded Boss
UK66 Collar with Grub Screw
UK67 Set Screw for Pummel
UK68A Special Long Shoulder Pummel Used in parts nos. 27, 27a, 27d, 28, 29
UK69 Grub Screw - 5/32" Whitworth
UK69A 5/32" Whitworth Grub Screw 7/21" Long
UK69B Special Set Screw for Meccano Models
UK71 Crank
UK71A Crank - Threaded
UK73 Coupling - Plain
UK73B Strip Coupling
UK73C Special Coupling (Threaded)
UK73D Short Coupling
UK75 Fishplate
UK76 Fork Centre
UK77 18½" Perforated Angle Girder
UK78 24½" Perforated Angle Girder
UK82 Bell Crank with Boss