Meccano Ltd. Engineering Drawings



  Job No. Title / Description Comments
N.GottlobF17-12 Tyre Part 142b
N.GottlobF18-2 Plastic Ring ????
N.GottlobF18-4 Rubber Ring Parts 155, 155a
N.GottlobF18-12 Rubber Ring Part 142
N.GottlobF19-20 Ratchet Wheel Part 148
N.GottlobF21-1 Tail Skid Part P55 (Aeroplane Constructor)
N.GottlobF22-1 Cam Part 131
N.GottlobF23-1 Wheel Hub Wheel Hub for Part 187c
N.GottlobG1-10 Pinion Pulley From electric motor E1
N.GottlobG1-11 Pinion Part MW 26n
N.GottlobG1-12 Pinion From Clockwork Motors
N.GottlobG1-13 Pinion From Clockwork Motors
N.GottlobG1-13a Pinion Part MW 26r
N.GottlobG1-15 Pinion Part 26c
N.GottlobG1-16 Pinion Part 167c
N.GottlobG1-19 Pinion Parts 26, 26a, 26b
N.GottlobG1-20-2 Pinion Part 26c (Key Boss)
N.GottlobG1-20-3 Pinion Part 26 (20 teeth
N.GottlobG1-22 Pinion Argentine Parts 26f, 26g
N.GottlobG1-25-1 Pinion Part 25 (Key Boss)
N.GottlobG1-25-2 Pinion Parts 25, 25a, 25b
N.GottlobG1-30 Pinion Argentine Part 26k
N.GottlobG1-38 Pinion Part 31
N.GottlobG1-40 Pinion Part 31 (40 teeth)
N.GottlobG2-45 Gear Wheel Argentine Part 27g
N.GottlobG2-50 Gear Wheel Part 27
N.GottlobG2-55 Gear Wheel Argentine Part 27e
N.GottlobG2-56 Gear Wheel Part 27a (56 teeth)
N.GottlobG2-57 Gear Wheel Part 27a
N.GottlobG2-57-9 Gear Wheel Part 27a (plastic)
N.GottlobG2-60 Gear Wheel Part 27d
N.GottlobG2-65 Gear Wheel Part MW 27k
N.GottlobG2-66 Gear Wheel Part MW 27h
N.GottlobG2-95 Gear Wheel Part 27c
N.GottlobG2-95-4 Gear Wheel Part 27c (plastic)
N.GottlobG2-133 Gear Wheel Part 27b
N.GottlobG2-192 Geared Roller Race Part 167a
N.GottlobG2-25 Contrate Wheel Part 29
N.GottlobG2-25-1 Contrate Wheel Part 29 (Key Boss)
N.GottlobG3-50 Contrate Wheel Part 28
N.GottlobG3-50-10 Contrate Wheel Part 28 (plastic)
N.GottlobG4-16 Bevel Pinion Part 30a
N.GottlobG4-24 Bevel Gear Part 30b
N.GottlobG4-26 Bevel Gear Part 30
N.GottlobG4-48 Bevel Gear Part 30c
N.GottlobG4-48-4 Bevel Gear Part 30c (cast)
N.GottlobG5-1 Worm Part 32
N.GottlobG6-14 Helical Gear Part 211a
N.GottlobG6-35 Helical Gear Part 211b
N.GottlobG7-14 Sprocket Wheel Part 96a
N.GottlobG7-18 Sprocket Wheel Part 96
N.GottlobG7-28 Sprocket Wheel Parts 95a, M96a (Mechanised Army)
N.GottlobG7-36 Sprocket Wheel Part 95
N.GottlobG7-56 Sprocket Wheel Part 95b
N.GottlobG7-73 Sprocket Wheel with Ball Race Part 168b
N.GottlobG8 Rack Strip Parts 110, 110a
N.GottlobG9 Gear Ring Part 180
N.GottlobG10 Rack Segment Part 129
N.GottlobG10-42-27 Large Toothed Quadrant Part 167a (Quadrant)
N.GottlobG13-10 Sprocket Wheel Plastic Meccano Part P84
N.GottlobG13-20 Sprocket Wheel Plastic Meccano Part P83
N.GottlobG15-14 Multi-Purpose Gear Wheel Part 27f
N.GottlobH1-1 Collar Part 59
N.GottlobH1-2 Collar Part 140y
N.GottlobH1-5 Collar Part P52 (Aeroplane Constructor)
N.GottlobH1-6 Collar Part A1037 (Car Constructor)
N.GottlobH2-1 Threaded Boss Part 64
N.GottlobH2-2 Core Electrikit Part 528
N.GottlobH2-3 Insulating Spacer Electrikit Part 564
N.GottlobH2-4 Rod Socket Part 179
N.GottlobH2-6 Adaptor for Screwed Rod Part 173a
N.GottlobH2-7 Boss for Circular Saw Boss for Part 159 (Circular Saw)
N.GottlobH3-1 Coupling Part 63
N.GottlobH3-2 Octagonal Coupling Part 63a
N.GottlobH3-3 Short Coupling Part 64