Meccano Ltd. Engineering Drawings



  Job No. Title / Description Comments
N.GottlobK6-1 Loaded Sack Part 122
N.GottlobL1-1 Chain Part 94
N.GottlobL2-4 Caterpillar Track Plastic Meccano Part P91
N.GottlobL2-5 Chain Chain for Part 121
N.GottlobL3-2-20 Driving Band Parts 186 to 186e
N.GottlobL5-1 Spring Cord Part 58
N.GottlobL10-1 Steel Wire Part 141
N.GottlobM1-1-2 Sleeve Piece Part 163
N.GottlobM1-3 Cylinder Part 216
N.GottlobM1-4 Boiler Part 162b
N.GottlobM2-1 Chimney Adaptor Part 164
N.GottlobM2-2 Boiler End Parts 162a and 562
N.GottlobM3-1 Funnel Part 64
N.GottlobM3-2 Funnel Part 138 (early)
N.GottlobM3-3-4 Funnel Part 138
N.GottlobM4-1 Wood Roller Part 106
N.GottlobM5-1 Sand Roller Part 106a
N.GottlobM6-1 Winding Drum Part 372 (Multikits)
N.GottlobM6-4 Bobbin Bobbin for Part 104
N.GottlobM7-1 Plastic Tube Electronics Part 604
N.GottlobM8-1 Reel Reels for Parts 556 and 557
N.GottlobN1-1-4 Screwdriver Parts 36, 36a, A1078
N.GottlobN1-5 Screwdriver Blade Blade for Part 36b
N.GottlobN1-6 Screwdriver Handle Handle for Part 36b
N.GottlobN1-6 Screwdriver Part 36
N.GottlobN1-7 Screwdriver Part 36a
N.GottlobN1-7-2 Screwdriver Part 36a
N.GottlobN1-8 Turnscrew Electronics Part 622
N.GottlobN1-9 Screwdriver Part 36
N.GottlobN1-10 Screwdriver Part 36
N.GottlobN1-11 Screwdriver Part 36b
N.GottlobN1-12 Screwdriver Part 34
N.GottlobN2-1-2 Spanner Part 1565
N.GottlobN2-3 Spanner Part 34a
N.GottlobN2-4 Spanner X Series Part X491
N.GottlobN2-5 Spanner Part A1079 (Car Constructor)
N.GottlobN2-6 Spanner Part 34b
N.GottlobN2-6 Box Spanner Spanner (Car Constructor)
N.GottlobN2-8 Box Spanner Box Spanner from the 1970s Super Tool Kit
N.GottlobN2-9 Spanner Nut Feeder from the 1970s Super Tool Kit
N.GottlobN2-9-1 Handle Part of the Nut Feeder from the 1970s Super Tool Kit
N.GottlobN2-9-2 Guide Part of the Nut Feeder from the 1970s Super Tool Kit
N.GottlobN2-9-3 Feeder Spring Part of the Nut Feeder from the 1970s Super Tool Kit
N.GottlobN2-10 Spanner Spanner for ther 1928 Meccano Steam Engine
N.GottlobN2-13 Spanner Part 34 (Hex Nuts)
N.GottlobN2-15 Spanner Part 34 (Early)
N.GottlobN3-1 Drift Part 36c
N.GottlobN4-1 Reed Hook Part 105
N.GottlobN7-1 Oil Tube of Oil from UK Electrikit
N.GottlobN7-2 Oil Tube of Oil from French Electrikit
N.GottlobN7-3 Oil Small Bottle of Oil
N.GottlobN7-4 Oil Small plastic tube of Oil
N.GottlobN7-5 Graphite Grease Tube of
N.GottlobN8-1 Grease Cup Part 174
N.GottlobP1-1 Pointer Part 156
N.GottlobP1-2 Pointer Electrikit Part 560k
N.GottlobP2-1-2 Railway Signal Parts 158a, 158b
N.GottlobP3-1 Dial Electrikit Part 560h
N.GottlobP3-2 Dial Electrikit Part 560g
N.GottlobP3-3 Dial Electrikit Part 560d
N.GottlobP3-4 Dial Electrikit Part 560c
N.GottlobP3-6 Spiral Card Electrikit Part 560b
N.GottlobP3-6 Compass Card Electrikit Part 560a
N.GottlobP3-7 Colour Disc Electrikit Part 560e
N.GottlobP3-8 Dial Electrikit Part 560f
N.GottlobP3-9 Sign Disc Electrikit Part 560p
N.GottlobP3-20 Clock Dial Part 253 (Clock Kit)
N.GottlobP4-1-2 Sign Tag Electrikit Part 560j
N.GottlobP4-9 Sign Small 'Meccano' Sign
N.GottlobP4-13 Sign Medium 'Meccano' Sign
N.GottlobP4-27 Sign Large 'Meccano' Sign
N.GottlobP5-1 Hornby Flag
N.GottlobR7-1 Battery Box Electronics Part 620
N.GottlobR7-1-1 Box Part of Part 620
N.GottlobR7-1-2 Battery Cover Part of Part 620