Meccano Ltd. Engineering Drawings



  Job No. Title / Description Comments
UK83 1" Sprocket Wheel
UK84 2" Sprocket Wheel
UK85 Sprocket Wheel 3" dia.
UK86 Sprocket Chain
UK87 3" Artillery Wheel Complete
UK87A 3" dia. Artillery Wheel - Outer Half
UK87B Artillery Wheel - Inner Half
UK87C Pummel for 3" dia. Wheel
UK88 Bell Crank
UK89 Fast Pulley
UK90 Windmill Sail & Fencing
UK91 3" dia. Pulley Wheel
UK92 2" Fast Pulley Wheel
UK93 Medium Shoulder Pummel Used in parts nos. 62, 62b, 128, 147a, 213b
UK94 Spring
UK95 Hank of Cord
UK97 Pummel for 3½ Gear Wheel Also used for 2" and 3" Sprocket Wheels
UK98 7½" Perforated Strip
UK100 7½" Perforated Angle Girder
UK101 Corner Gusset
UK102 2½" x 2½" Flat Plate
UK103 Curved Strip
UK104 5½" x 2½" Flat Plate
UK105 Girder Frame
UK106 5½" x 3½" Flat Plate
UK107 4½" x 2½" Flat Plate
UK108 Triangular Plate 2½"
UK109 1" Gear Wheel - 38 Teeth
UK110A Threaded Pin with Square Shoulder
UK111 5½" Curved Strip
UK112 Hinge
UK112A Hinge Pin
UK112B Hinge Plate - Positive Half
UK112C Hinge Plate - Forked Half
UK113A Pummel Used in parts nos. 19b, 20a, 21, 24, 24b, 27c
UK114 Heald
UK117 Rod Socket
UK118 Handrail Coupling
UK119 Wheel Disc - 6 Hole
UK119A Bush Wheel - 6 Hole
UK121 3" Cranked Curved Strip
UK122 Gear Ring 3½" diam.
UK124 Sand Roller for Loom
UK124A Wooden Roller for Loom
UK127 Pawl, Single Tooth - Without Pummel
UK128 Shuttle (for Loom)
UK128A Shuttle End - Plain
UK128B Shuttle End - Tapped
UK128C Shuttle Sides (for Loom)
UK128D Shuttle Peg (for Loom)
UK128E Shuttle Stud (for Loom)
UK128F Shuttle Rivet (for Loom)
UK128G Collar For Shuttle
UK128H Spring for Shuttle
UK129 Reeds Hook for Loom
UK130 5½" Flat Girder
UK131 Miniature Loaded Sack
UK132 Cone Pulley
UK133 Toothed Segment 1½" Radius
UK134 Pivot Bolt
UK137 ¾" Sprocket Wheel
UK138 1½" Sprocket Wheel
UK139A Clip for Dredger Bucket
UK139B Dredger Bucket
UK140 Triple Throw Eccentric
UK140A Strap for Eccentric
UK140B Inner Sheave for Eccentric
UK140C/140E Outer Sheave for Eccentric
UK140D Pummel for Eccentric
UK141 Bolt ½" Long
UK142 Small Fork Piece
UK143 9½" Flat Girder
UK144 12½" Flat Girder
UK145 4½" x ½" Double Angle Strip
UK146 5½" Slotted Strip