Meccano Ltd. Engineering Drawings



  Job No. Title / Description Comments
FrenchFr194A Plaque Flexible Bleue 6x6 cm
FrenchFr194B Plaque Flexible Bleue 9x6 cm
FrenchFr194C Plaque Flexible Bleue 11.5x6 cm
FrenchFr194D Plaque Flexible Bleue 14x4 cm
FrenchFr194E Plaque Flexible Bleue 14x6 cm
FrenchFr195-197 Plaques Bandes
N.GottlobA1-3-5 Cardboard Strip Electrikit part 560L
N.GottlobA1-3-11 Perforated Strip Parts 2, 2a, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6a and (Mechanised Army) M2, M3, M5, M6a and (Multikits)302, 303, 304, 402, 501, 502, 503, 530
N.GottlobA1-4-2 Perforated Strip Parts 2 and (Electrikit) 530
N.GottlobA1-5-8 Perforated Strip Parts 3, 5 and (Multikits) 361, 362, 478
N.GottlobA1-15-25 Perforated Strip Parts 1, 1a, 1b and (Multikits) 360, 401 and (Mechanised Army) M1
N.GottlobA2 Angle Girder Parts 7 to 9f and (Multikits) 305, 306, 350, 352, 403, 440
N.GottlobA3 Flat Girder Parts 103 to 103h and (Multikits) 413, 437, 507, 508 and (Mechanised Army) M103, M103f
N.GottlobA4a Braced Girder Parts 97 to 100a
N.GottlobA4b Braced Girder Parts 97 to 100
N.GottlobA5-11 Circular Girder Part 143
N.GottlobA5-19 Flanged Ring Part 167b
N.GottlobA5-23 Channel Segment Part 119
N.GottlobA6-6 Bent Strip Part 90a, M90a (Mechanised Army)
N.GottlobA6-8 Bent Strip Part 89a (earlier version)
N.GottlobA6-9 Bent Strip Part 89a (later version)
N.GottlobA6-11 Bent Strip Part 90
N.GottlobA6-19 Bent Strip Part 89b
N.GottlobA6-40 Bent Strip Part 89
N.GottlobA7-2 Fishplate Part 10 and (Electrikit) 513
N.GottlobA7-4 Slotted Strip Part 55a
N.GottlobA7-5 Slotted Strip MW Part 55b
N.GottlobA7-6 Slotted Strip Argentine Part 215a
N.GottlobA7-11 Slotted Strip Part 55a
N.GottlobA8-14 Circular Strip Part 145 (7" dia)
N.GottlobA8-15 Circular Strip Part 145 (7½" dia)
N.GottlobA9 Narrow Strips Parts 235 to 235f and (Multikits) 363,365,366,367,445,446,447,448
N.GottlobA10 Meccano X Strips X Series Parts X404, X405, X407, X409
N.GottlobA11-1 Formed Slotted Strip Part 215
N.GottlobA16-11 Girder Frame Part 113
N.GottlobB1-53 Flanged Plate Parts 51, 328 and (Multikits) 407
N.GottlobB1-75 Flanged Plate Parts 53 and (Multikits) 409
N.GottlobB1-115 Flanged Plate Parts 52 and (Multikits) 325, 408
N.GottlobB1-1911 Large Flanged Plate Part 51 (From HSMD)
N.GottlobB2 Flat Plates Parts 52a, 70 71, 72, 73, 74, 74a and (Multikits) 408 and (Electrikit) 510, 511
N.GottlobB2-95 Flat Plate Part 53a
N.GottlobB3-4 Plates Parts 188 to 197
N.GottlobB5-2 Disc Part 217a
N.GottlobB5-4-6-7 Wheel Disc Parts 24a, 24c
N.GottlobB5-8 Semi-Circular Plate Part 214
N.GottlobB5-10 Circular Plate Part 146a
N.GottlobB5-12 Circular Plate Part 146
N.GottlobB5-20 Plastic Disc Part 254 (Clock kits)
N.GottlobB6-2 Triangular Plate Part 77
N.GottlobB6-5 Triangular Plate Part 76
N.GottlobB6-53 Triangular Flexible Plate Part 221
N.GottlobB6-54 Triangular Flexible Plate Part 222
N.GottlobB6-55 Triangular Flexible Plate Part 223
N.GottlobB6-73 Triangular Flexible Plate Part 224
N.GottlobB6-74 Triangular Flexible Plate Part 225
N.GottlobB6-75 Triangular Flexible Plate Part 226
N.GottlobB7-1-3 Sector Plate Part 54
N.GottlobB8-1 Conical Disc Part 187a
N.GottlobB9-1 Curved Plate Part 199
N.GottlobB9-2 Curved Plate Part 200
N.GottlobC1-1 Meccano X Angle Bracket X Series Part X421
N.GottlobC1-2 Core Holder Electrikit Part 525
N.GottlobC1-3 Angle Bracket Part 202
N.GottlobC1-111 Angle Bracket Parts 12 and (Multikits) 336, 441
N.GottlobC1-121 Angle Bracket Parts 12b and (Multikits) 307
N.GottlobC1-124 Girder Bracket Part 161
N.GottlobC1-221 Angle Bracket Part 12a
N.GottlobC1-231 Slotted Angle Bracket Part MW 12d
N.GottlobC2-1 Double Bracket Part 11 (early wide version)
N.GottlobC2-2 Double Bracket Part 11
N.GottlobC2-3 Double Bracket Part 11a
N.GottlobC2-10 Single Bent Strip Part 102
N.GottlobC2-11 Stepped Bent Strip Part 44
N.GottlobC2-12 Meccano X Double Bracket X Series Part X455, X458
N.GottlobC2-13 Double Bent Strip Part 45