Meccano Ltd. Engineering Drawings



  Job No. Title / Description Comments
N.GottlobC2-14 Double Bent Strip Part 45 (early version)
N.GottlobC2-20 Channel Bearing Parts 160 and (Multikits) 417
N.GottlobC2-51 Large Fork Piece Part 116
N.GottlobC2-55 Small Fork Piece Part 116a
N.GottlobC2-60 End Bearing Part 166
N.GottlobC3-3 Bell Crank Part 127
N.GottlobC3-20 Corner Bracket Part 133a
N.GottlobC3-33 Corner Bracket Part 133
N.GottlobC3-45 Corner Gusset Part 108
N.GottlobC3-55 Flexible Gusset Plate Part 201
N.GottlobC4-1 Meccano X Double Angle Bracket X Series Part X455
N.GottlobC4-21-111 Double Angle Strips Parts 46 to 48d
N.GottlobC5-1-2 Trunnion Parts 126, 126a and (Multikits) 413, 414
N.GottlobC5-3-4 Flanged Bracket Parts 139, 139a
N.GottlobC5-50 Small Shafting Standard Part 178
N.GottlobC5-51 Large Shafting Standard Part 177
N.GottlobC6-1 Reversed Angle Bracket Parts 125 and (Multikits) 311
N.GottlobC6-2 Reversed Angle Bracket Part 124
N.GottlobC7-135 Obtuse Angle Bracket Part 12c
N.GottlobC8-1-2 Corner Angle Bracket Parts 154, 154a, 154b
N.GottlobC9-11 Hinge Part 114
N.GottlobC9-95 Hinged Flat Plate Part 198
N.GottlobC10-1 Magnet Holder Electrikit Part 538
N.GottlobC11-1 Short Circuit Piece Electrikit Part 554
N.GottlobD1 Screw Parts 37b, 111 to 111d and (Multikits) 330, 331, 332, 337, 370, 428, 429, 430, 431, 433
N.GottlobD2-3-4 6BA Screw Parts A1076, A1082 (Car Constructor)
N.GottlobD2-4-3 Screw Screw for part 149
N.GottlobD2-4-16 6BA Screw Electrical parts 304, 1573, 1575
N.GottlobD2-5 Screw Screw for Battery Box part 620
N.GottlobD3-1 Nut Part 37a
N.GottlobD3-1-4 Thin Nut Part 37a
N.GottlobD3-1-5 Nut Part 37a and (Multikits) 329, 427 (Hex)
N.GottlobD3-2 Nut Electrical Part 1562
N.GottlobD3-3 Nut Electrical Part 305
N.GottlobD3-4 Nut Hex Nut from electric motors E6, E20, E20R, E15R etc.
N.GottlobD3-5 Nut Nut for part 159 (Circular Saw)
N.GottlobD3-6 Train Coupling Nut Nut for Part 121 (Train Coupling)
N.GottlobD3-7 Collet Nut Plastic Meccano Part 78
N.GottlobD3-8 Nut Special Nut for using with part 30c
N.GottlobD4-1-2 Terminal Terminal Nut for Electric Motor reversing Switch
N.GottlobD4-3 Terminal Nut Electrikit Part 542
N.GottlobD5-1 Washer Parts 38 and (Multikits) 333, 434
N.GottlobD5-2 Washer Electrikit Part 561
N.GottlobD5-3 Washer Washer from Electric Motor Reversing Switch
N.GottlobD5-4 Washer Washer from Electric Motor Reversing Switch
N.GottlobD5-5 Washer Washer for Electrical Part 208 (Battery Tag)
N.GottlobD5-6 Washer Washer Used for Mounting Parts in Boxes
N.GottlobD5-7 Washer Part 38d
N.GottlobD5-8 Ring Part of Part 159 Circular Saw)
N.GottlobD5-20 Plastic Tube Part 439 (Multikits)
N.GottlobD6-1 Insulating Washer Electrical Parts 182a. 303
N.GottlobD6-2 Insulating Bush Electrical Parts 182, 302
N.GottlobD6-5 Washer Electrickit Part 560M
N.GottlobD7-1 Set Screw Part 69
N.GottlobD7-10 Grub Screw Part 69c
N.GottlobD7-20-22 Grub Screw Parts 69a, 69b
N.GottlobD7-30 Set Screw Set Screw for Part 156 (Pointer)
N.GottlobD7-35 Grub Screw Grub Screw for E1 Motor Pinion
N.GottlobD7-50-51 Stop Screws for Shuttles Stop Screw for Part 104 (Shuttle)
N.GottlobD8-1 Pivot Bolt Pivot Bolt for Parts 140, 165
N.GottlobD8-10-3-4 Pivot Bolt Part P60 (Aero Constructor)
N.GottlobD8-12 Pivot Bolt Part 147b
N.GottlobD8-20 Buffer Bolt Part of Part 120a (Spring Buffer)
N.GottlobD9-8-1 Threaded Pin Part 115 (Round Shoulder)
N.GottlobD9-8-18 Threaded Pin Parts 115, 115a
N.GottlobD10-1 Threaded Pin Parts 115, 115a, 251 (No Shoulder)
N.GottlobD10-5 Stud Stud from electric motors E6, E20, E20R, E15E etc.
N.GottlobD11-1 Coupling Screw for Spring Cord Part 58a
N.GottlobD12-1 Contact Screw Electrikit Part 543
N.GottlobD13-1 Contact Stud Electrikit Part 544
N.GottlobD14-1 Key Bolt Part 231
N.GottlobD15-1 Pivot Bolt Electrikit Part 545
N.GottlobD16-2 Wood Screw Screw for Part 107
N.GottlobD16-4 Wood Screw Part 68
N.GottlobE1 Axle Rod Parts 13 to 18b, 252 and (Multikits) 438