Meccano Ltd. Engineering Drawings



  Job No. Title / Description Comments
N.GottlobE2 Screwed Rod Parts 78 to 80c and (Multikits) 450 and (X Series) X435
N.GottlobE3-16 Keyway Rod Part 230
N.GottlobE4-16 Cam Rod Electrikit Part 555
N.GottlobE5-05 Short Pivot Electrikit Part 550
N.GottlobE5-8-14 Pivot Rod Electrikit Parts 548, 549
N.GottlobE6-18 Crankshaft Part 134
N.GottlobE7 Crank Handle Parts 19, 19s
N.GottlobE8 Crank Handle (with grip) Parts 19g, 19h
N.GottlobE9-4 Flexible Rod Part 175
N.GottlobE10 Rod with Thread ???
N.GottlobE20-5 Knurled Rod Part 326 (Multikits)
N.GottlobF1-2 Pulley Wheel From Electric Motor EO6, EO20
N.GottlobF1-3 Pulley Wheel Part 23a
N.GottlobF1-4-1 Pulley Wheel Part 22 (Bent Metal Boss)
N.GottlobF1-4-2 Pulley Wheel Part 22
N.GottlobF1-4-3 Pulley Wheel Part 22
N.GottlobF1-6-1 Pulley Part 21 (Key Boss)
N.GottlobF1-6-2 Pulley Part 21
N.GottlobF1-6-3-5 Pulley Part 21
N.GottlobF1-8-1 Pulley Part 20a (Early spoked design)
N.GottlobF1-8-2 Pulley Part 20a (second early design)
N.GottlobF1-8-3-4 Pulley Wheel Part 20a
N.GottlobF1-12-2 Pulley Wheel Part 19b
N.GottlobF1-12-3-4 Pulley Wheel Part 19b
N.GottlobF1-25 Pulley Wheel Part 19c
N.GottlobF2-2-1 Pulley Part 23 (Early small type)
N.GottlobF2-2-2 Pulley Part 23 (Early small type)
N.GottlobF2-3-1 Pulley Part 23
N.GottlobF2-3-2 Pulley Part 23 (Plastic)
N.GottlobF2-4-1 Pulley Part 10 (Early version of Part 22 with Key Boss)
N.GottlobF2-4-2 Pulley Part 22
N.GottlobF2-4-3 Pulley Part 22a
N.GottlobF3-345 Cone Pulley Part 123
N.GottlobF4-1 Road Wheel Part 187 (Metal)
N.GottlobF4-2 Road Wheel Part 187 (Metal)
N.GottlobF4-5-6 Artillery Wheel Part 19a
N.GottlobF4-10 Road Wheel Part 187 (Plastic)
N.GottlobF4-17 Road Wheel Part 187b
N.GottlobF4-21 Road Wheel Parts 322, 425 (Multikits)
N.GottlobF4-22 Road Wheel Part 187c
N.GottlobR4-30 Road Wheel French Part 306
N.GottlobF5-1-1-2 Flanged Wheel Part 20b
N.GottlobF5-1-3 Flanged Wheel Part 20b
N.GottlobF5-1-4 Flanged Wheel Part 20b
N.GottlobF5-2-1 Flanged Wheel Part 20 (Key Boss)
N.GottlobF5-2-2-3 Flanged Wheel Part 20 (Key Boss)
N.GottlobF5-2-4 Flanged Wheel Part 20
N.GottlobF5-2-5-7 Flanged Wheel Part 20
N.GottlobF5-2-8 Flanged Wheel Part 20
N.GottlobF5-2-9 Flanged Wheel Part 20
N.GottlobF6-4 Wheel Flange Part 137
N.GottlobF6-11 Hub Disc Part 118
N.GottlobF7-1 Flywheel Part 132
N.GottlobF8-26 Bush Wheel Electrikit Part 518
N.GottlobF8-36 Bush Wheel Parts 24b, 516
N.GottlobF8-38 Bush Wheel Parts 24, 514
N.GottlobF8-38-1 Bush Wheel Part 24 (Key Boss)
N.GottlobF8-58 Face Plate Part 109
N.GottlobF9-1 Steering Wheel Part 321 (Multikits)
N.GottlobF9-3 Steering Wheel Part 185
N.GottlobF9-5 Steering Wheel Part 185a
N.GottlobF10-4 Fan Part 157
N.GottlobF11-3 Circular Saw Saw for Part 159
N.GottlobF12-1 Propeller Blade Part 41 (Early type)
N.GottlobF12-2 Propeller Blade Part 41
N.GottlobF13-5-6 Windmill Sail Part 61
N.GottlobF13-7 Windmill Sail Part 61
N.GottlobF13-8 Windmill Sail Part 61 (Later solid type)
N.GottlobF14-1 Ball Race Part 168a
N.GottlobF15-12 Steel Ball Part 168d
N.GottlobF16-1 Ball Cage Part 168c
N.GottlobF17-2-3 Tyre Part 452 (Multikits)
N.GottlobF17-4 Tyre Part 142c
N.GottlobF17-6 Tyre Part 142d
N.GottlobF17-8 Tyre Part 142a