Meccano Set Parts Lists

Workbox (1971 - 76)

Compiled by Timothy Edwards

Workbox (1971 - 76)
Part No. Colour Part Description Quantity
P50 Yellow2 Hole Strip 14
P51 Yellow3 Hole Strip 8
P52 Yellow4 Hole Strip 8
P53 Yellow5 Hole Strip 8
P54 BlueBase 4
P55 BlueBolt (Solid core) 50
P56 BlueBolt, Long (Solid core) 4
P57 BlueNut (Only one end rounded) 54
P58 YellowSpanner 2
P59 RedAngle Bracket 6
P60 RedDouble Angle Bracket 10
P62 RedPulley 4
P63 RedAxle Clip 12
P64 RedHook 2
P65 Red4 1/2" Axle 4
P66 Blue2 Hole Triangle 4
P67 Red6" Axle 4
P68 YellowHandle & Knob 2
P74 BluePlastic Chain Link 48
P75 RedBridge Girder 4
P76 Red3 Hole Triangle 4
P77 RedAxle with Shoulder 1
P78 GreyCollet Nut 12
P79 RedRoad Wheel 4
P80 Red24 Tooth Gear 1
P81 Red18 Tooth Gear 2
P82 Red12 Tooth Gear 1
P83 Yellow20 Tooth Sprocket 1
P84 Yellow10 Tooth Sprocket 1
P87 Yellow5 Hole Girder 4
P88 Yellow4 Hole Girder 2
P89 Yellow3 Hole Girder 2
P90 Yellow2 Hole Girder 2
P97 YellowFishplate 6
P99 YellowHex Key & Ring Spanner 1
40 BlueHank of Cord 1
Workbox wooden box 1

1971 RANGE

Several new parts were introduced. The 100 set was the same as the previous A set. The Accessory sets 200X & 300X converted the 200 and 300 sets to the 300 & 400 sets respectively. The workbox while substantially unchanged was also revised to include many of the new parts.

In 1974 the number of Nuts and Bolts in set 100 were increased by two. In the first (Meccano-Tri-ang) edition of the 300/400 manual it gives the quantity of part P60 for sets 300 & 400 as 8. This was obviously an error as it was changed to 9 for both sets in the next (Meccano(1971) Ltd) edition. The quantity in the 200X set was also increased from 2 to 3 to match.

The 100 set was also sold by Boots under their own label and packaging.