Meccano Set Parts Lists

Study Kit 1 (1971 to late 1970s ?)

Compiled by Timothy Edwards

Study Kit 1 (1971 to late 1970s ?)
Part No. Colour Part Description Quantity
P50 Yellow2 Hole Strip 12
P51 Yellow3 Hole Strip 36
P52 Yellow4 Hole Strip 36
P53 Yellow5 Hole Strip 12
P54 BlueBase 4
P56 BlueBolt, Long (Hollow core) *
P56 BlueBolt, Long (Solid core) 72
P57 BlueNut (Only one end rounded) 75
P58 YellowSpanner 2
P60 RedDouble Angle Bracket 8
P63 RedAxle Clip 32
P65 Red4 1/2" Axle 8
P76 Red3 Hole Triangle 4


These Study Kits for schools were shown in the January 1981 MW lists together with their contents (only kit 1 was available). The manuals are dated 1968 and 1969 respectively. Study Kit 1 was 'Geometry & Structures' and Study Kit 2 was 'Pulleys, Gears and Levers'. Not known when withdrawn. Distributed by Educational Supplies Ltd. Not in Meccano lists.

Note * - Early bolts were hollow core type which are thought to have changed to solid core in around 1971.