Meccano Set Parts Lists

Set B (1965 - 70)

Compiled by Timothy Edwards

Set B (1965 - 70)
Part No. Colour Part Description Quantity
P50 Yellow2 Hole Strip 10
P51 Yellow3 Hole Strip 6
P52 Yellow4 Hole Strip 5
P53 Yellow5 Hole Strip 4
P54 BlackBase 2
P55 BlueBolt (Hollow core) 30
P55 BlueBolt (Solid core) *
P56 BlueBolt, Long (Hollow core) 2
P56 BlueBolt, Long (Solid core) *
P57 BlueNut (Only one end rounded) 32
P58 BlackSpanner 1
P59 RedAngle Bracket 4
P60 RedDouble Angle Bracket 6
P62 RedPulley 2
P63 RedAxle Clip 6
P64 RedHook 1
P65 Red4 1/2" Axle 2
P66 Blue2 Hole Triangle 4
P67 Red6" Axle 2
P68 BlackHandle & Knob 1
P78 GreyCollet Nut 5
P79 RedRoad Wheel 4

1965 RANGE

These were the first Plastic Meccano sets. The workbox was the C set in a wooden box designed for use in schools. The wooden box had holes drilled in it, to allow it to be used as a base for models.

BX Conversion Set - These are very rare. It is not known when these were introduced. However it is thought to be later rather than earlier. The only reference I have found to it so far is in an April 1970 Dealers Order List

Note * - Early bolts were hollow core type which are thought to have changed to solid core in around 1971.

Note ** - The sprockets, were initially coloured grey. It is not certain when they changed to yellow, although it is thought to be quite early.

Note ? - Cord changed from green to blue during the period 1965 to 1970.