Meccano Set Parts Lists

Set 2 (1977 - 78)

Compiled by Timothy Edwards

Set 2 (1977 - 78)
Part No. Colour Part Description Quantity
P50 Yellow2 Hole Strip 4
P51 Yellow3 Hole Strip 4
P52 Yellow4 Hole Strip 4
P53 Yellow5 Hole Strip 2
P54 BlueBase 2
P55 BlueBolt (Solid core) 40
P56 BlueBolt, Long (Solid core) 10
P57 BlueNut (Only one end rounded) 45
P58 YellowSpanner 1
P59 RedAngle Bracket 6
P60 RedDouble Angle Bracket 6
P62 RedPulley 2
P63 BlueAxle Clip 6
P64 RedHook 1
P66 Blue2 Hole Triangle 2
P68 YellowHandle & Knob 1
P69 Blue5 1/2" Axle 5
P70 RedLarge Flanged Disc 1
P71 RedSmall Flanged Disc 1
P72 YellowFlexible Plate 8
P75 RedBridge Girder 2
P78 GreyCollet Nut 3
P81 Red18 Tooth Gear 1
P82 Red12 Tooth Gear 1
P88 Yellow4 Hole Girder 2
P97 YellowFishplate 2
P99 YellowHex Key & Ring Spanner 1
PR6 RedPrima Road Wheel 4
40 BlackHank of Cord 1
142092 Stickers No.2 1

1977 RANGE

The flexible plate and circular discs were introduced to produce more realistic models. The accessory sets 1A and 2A converted the 1 & 2 sets to the 2 & 3 sets respectively. Several parts were discontinued. Packaging/advertising was unisex showing both boys & girls (This caused sales resistance). The workbox was now the set 3 in a wooden box. The sets used the Prima Road Wheel. The set box sides were split between English & French in order to satisfy Canadian regulations which insisted on equal prominence of English and French. The conversion sets 1A & 2A continued to be available after 1978 as they appear in the Jan 1980 price list.