Meccano Set Parts Lists

Accessory Nuts/Bolts (Long) (1967? - 78)

Compiled by Timothy Edwards

Accessory Nuts/Bolts (Long) (1967? - 78)
Part No. Colour Part Description Quantity
P56 BlueBolt, Long (Hollow core) *
P56 BlueBolt, Long (Solid core) 12
P57 BlueNut (Only one end rounded) 12


It is not certain when these accessory sets were introduced (thought to be around 1967) or withdrawn. They were in the Feb 1968 price list and they continued when the new 1971 range was introduced (noted in MM). Only the two Nuts & Bolts sets were still noted in the 1973 adverts & 1975 price list. They were also in the 1978 dealers catalogue, but were not in the 1979 catalogue, nor in the 1979 price list. There were obviously a number of unsold 'S' & 'G' sets, as when the UK factory shut they appeared in the 1984/5 MW Models lists.

Note * - Early bolts were hollow core type which are thought to have changed to solid core in around 1971.