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In 1934 a completely new range of Meccano outfits was introduced. The previous numbered 00 - 7 outfits were replaced by lettered sets A - L.

The introduction of the Lettered Oufits in 1934 coincided with the introduction of the fibre and strip plates. The fibre plates were superceded by flexible steel plates in 1936.

The relationship with the the previous manuals and their models is as follows:-
Outfit O - Outfit 00
Outfit A - Outfits 00 & 0
Outfit B - Outfits 0 & 1
Outfit C - Outfit 1
Outfit D - Outfit 2
Outfit E - Outfits 2 & 3
Outfit F - Outfit 3
Outfit G - Outfit 4
Outfit H - Outfit 5
Outfit K - Outfit 6
Outfit L - Outfit 7
Most of the outfit models were just carried over from the previous range - especially for outfits G-L. However some of the models were 'improved' by the use of the new fibre and strip plates - especially for outfits A-F. Click here for more details.

The following manuals were issued in 1934-5:-
Main outfit manuals : A, A-B, A-C, A-D, A-E, F-L
Accessory outfit manuals : Aa, Ba, Ca, Da

In 1936 a small 'O' oufit was introduced and the manuals in 1936-7 were:-
Main outfit manuals : O, O-A, O-B, O-C, O-D, O-E, F-L
Accessory outfit manuals : Oa, Aa, Ba, Ca, Da

Separate editions of the manuals were issued for the home market and the various overseas english speaking countries until 1937 when a single English language manual was introduced. This was long overdue as there was very little or no differences between the editions.

The spines of the F-L manuals are bound in red cloth tape.

Models for outfits 'B' - 'L' had parts lists.

In 1935 the manuals had a major revision with a number of models being changed and many being shuffled around. Also a number of models using the Magic Motor were added to the A - C outfit manuals. The manuals also had a smaller revision in 1936 with some model changes for some of the outfits.

The 'K' and 'L' outfits contained many of the Super Model Leaflets and the manuals showed pictures of these models along with a brief description and then refering out to the leaflets. The number of these leaflets included with the outfits was reduced in both 1936 and 1937.

It should be noted that the early 1930's 000 Outfit complete with cardboard coloured parts continued in limited production during this period for the overseas markets only.

Hardback bound combined manuals were also issued throughout this era. They were included in the 'L' (and possibly the 'K') outfits and were also available for separate sale. They contained the following manuals:-
A-E / O-E
Standard Mechanisms
Meccano Parts and How to Use Them