Meccano Manuals

Mid to Late 1941


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Due to war time conditions, these manuals were basically a cut down version of the pre-war manuals, with a reduced number of models and an economy cover. Models 1.41 to 1.48 and 2.22 to 2.25 were deleted. Click here for more details. Main manuals had a reduced number of models from the smaller sets included. Previously the main manuals 1 - 6 had all the models from the smaller manuals included as well.

The July 1941 manuals had a flimsy shiny white cover with green print.

These flimsy covers were replaced in August 1941, with a thicker more substantial cover printed in black and a single colour - Blue for the main outfits and green for the Accessory outfits. The August 1941 copies also have a 'war' sticker posted inside the front cover explaining the Lighting and Car and Aeroplane Constructor sets were no longer available.

Due to paper shortages etc., further manuals could not be printed during the war. Therefore when supplies of the normal manuals ran out, wartime outfits appeared with appropriate surplus manuals from the 1934-37 lettered set era with over-printed covers. These also came with a little sticker explaining the problem.