Meccano Manuals



The majority of the models are unchanged from the 1938 - 47 era. Most of these use the same pictures which have just been touched up to remove the cross hatching, although a few do have new pictures for an unchanged model. Most of the text is also unchanged. There are also a good number of new or redesigned models introduced. Only outfits 0 - 2 models have a parts list beside each model (except outfit 10 - see below). There was just one change to the models during the era - model 9.12 was replaced in 1953 (see below for details). Also Click here for more details which also show the relationship between the previous and subsequent eras.

The 1948 and early 1949 No.9 manuals were a reissue of the relevant models from the pre-war 9/10 manual and showed the blue & gold models. The first (very rare) 1948 No.9 manual had the pre-war cover. This is the only known post-war use of the pre-war cover on an English language manual. The new post-war version of the No.9 Outfit manual did not come out until mid 1949.

The No.10 manual came out in 1949 and was a straight reprint from the pre-war 9/10 manual. It had an introductory page explaining that the E120 motor was no longer available, but with a slight redesign, the E20R could be used instead. It also noted that some part numbers in the models had changed and that modern parts were no longer hatched. Note that as the No.10 set was not released until 1949, the set contents list shown in the 1948 manuals is wrong.