Meccano Manuals


Changes to the manuals during the era

In the smaller sets most of the existing models were kept although many had minor alterations to use the new/extra parts included in the 1954 outfits and to the show elongated holes in the flexible plates. In the larger sets, because of the more significant outfit contents changes, virtually all the models were new or had very significant redesigns. The instructions for many of those models that continued were substantially rewritten. A new 00 Outfit was introduced in 1954. The 00 Outfit manual was then replaced in a different format in 1956 with many changes to the models. There were no changes to the outfit 0 - 10 models during the period. Click here for more details. All models had a parts list. Errors were corrected in the model descriptions and parts lists in 1956, 1957 & 1958

The No.10 leaflets were supplied in a green folder with gold printing with 'MECCANO' in a wide font. The green has faded / oxidised badly over the years. Some have gone to a yellow/buff colour and others to an olive grey/green. It is known that in those days that the coloured inks used for the folders were quite unstable to light and oxidation effects and in addition the base material probably varied between batches (different suppliers?) which could easily account for the variations seen now. A folder has also been seen with yellow printing instead of the normal gold. At present it is not known whether this was a mistake - perhaps the folders were initially printed in yellow to act as a base for the gold overprinting - or whether a small batch was deliberately printed in yellow.

Worthy of special note are the two manuals of 1954/5 (were there more?) where the print codes were on the front cover instead of the rear. The location on the page is in exactly the same place as it is when on the rear cover. The reason for this is not known, although it could be that the print codes were overprinted after the manuals had been printed and the manuals were put in upside down in the printing machine.

Changes during the era.
It should be noted that these dates are approximate as the changes were not necessarily done at the beginning of the year. Also occasionally not all the manuals which a model appeared in would all be updated at exactly the same time.

Changes in Outfit 10 Leaflets
The following amendments have been noted in the model leaflets:-