Meccano Manuals


Changes to the manuals during the era

A complete new series of manuals were produced, each manual covered a range of outfits, with individual model leaflets for outfit 9. All model building instructions were by picture, and there were no written building instructions. For each model there was a black and white photograph together with additional line drawings showing various aspects of the model. Part numbers were printed in red on the photos/drawings and on the parts list. Each model had a parts list (note that the model parts lists did not include the motors where used). There were no accessory outfit manuals. This meant that excluding outfits 9 & 10 which had individual model leaflets, the Meccano range only needed 3 manuals. Unlike earlier manuals where the set contents lists and illustrated lists of Meccano parts covered the whole Meccano range, these manuals only listed the specific outfit contents and parts for the relevant manual. A separate combined set contents sheet was issued and included in some sets (which?).

Main Outfit Manuals:-

These manuals were divided into three sub eras - no change of models. The quality of paper used deteriorated badly during the era.

Initially the No.10 leaflets were supplied in the same green folder with gold printing with 'MECCANO' in a wide font as used in 1954-61. This changed (thought to be around the early to mid 1960s?) - the word 'MECCANO' changing to a narrow font and the lines of text above and below increasing in height from 6mm to 9mm. In addition what is thought could be an intermediate version has also been seen with 'MECCANO' in the early wide font, but the other text in later larger size. Some of the later 'MECCANO' narrow font folders have been seen in portrait format instead of the usual landscape - was this deliberate or was it due to errors in the printing process? As previously the green colouring is very susceptable to colour fading / oxidation.

Changes to the manuals during the era.
There were no changes to the models or figures during the period. The only change to the model parts lists was due to the replacement of the 3 1/2in. crank handle with grip (19g) with the version without a grip (19s).
Model 8.2 (Meccanograph) originally had no accompanying text in the UK only version. Multi-language text giving hints on adjustment was included in all the multi-language versions - The only model with accompanying text

Set 10 Leaflets:-
There were a number of minor amendments to the leaflets in 1962/3. Thereafter no more amendments have been identified. Any errors that existed in the 1962/3 leaflets remained right to the final printing in 1986.

Power Drive Manual:-
As in the main manuals there is confusion with the new style hooks. The front cover and model P.9 show the small new type hook, used in a way that is impossible. The Illustrated lists of Meccano parts show the large new type hook, which can be used in the way shown.

The only changes found in this manual is to the Illustrated 'Catalogue of Meccano Parts' of the Powerdrive manual. The following changes have been identified which were all corrected in the 6/66 manual. There were no further changes:-