Meccano Manuals



A complete new series of manuals were produced, each manual covered a range of outfits, with individual model leaflets for outfit 9.

All model building instructions were by picture, there were no written building instructions. For each model there was a black and white photograph together with additional line drawings showing various aspects of the model. Part numbers were printed in red on the photos/drawings and on the parts list. Each model had a parts list (note that the model parts lists did not include the motors where used).

There were no accessory outfit manuals. This meant that excluding outfits 9 & 10 which had individual model leaflets, the Meccano range only needed 3 manuals.

Unlike earlier manuals where the outfit contents lists and illustrated lists of Meccano parts covered the whole Meccano range, these manuals only listed the specific outfits and parts for relevant manual. A separate combined outfit contents sheet was issued and included in some sets.

It should be noted that during the 1960s Meccano Outfits changed to be called Meccano Sets. One of the first to be called a set was the Powerdrive set in 1965.

Main Outfit Manuals:-

These manuals were divided into three sub eras - no change of models. The quality of paper used deteriorated badly during the era.

Special Outfit Manuals:-