Meccano Manuals



In 1970 the old No.9 set was withdrawn and all the lower numbered sets were renumbered to compensate. For the first year or two a leaflet was inserted in all the sets describing these changes and the extra parts added to certain sets.

For sets up to set 7, the manuals were completely new. The models were shown in coloured drawings to match the colour of the Meccano parts. There were no photographs. As with 1962-69 there were no constructional descriptions.

Sets 8 & 9 were a reprint of the old set 7 & 8 manual models.

The 4EL set was a combination of the No.4 set together with the old Electrikit. The 4EL set manual was a reprint of the previous Electrikit manual with difference covers.

An Electronics set was introduced. The 5ME set was a combination of the No.5 set and the Electronics set. There was no special manual for the 5ME set - models using the Electronics set were incorporated with the standard set manuals. Althought the Electronics set is an 'Add-On' set it is considered here (rather than in the Add-On sets section) as the manual is basically, just an extract from the standard manuals of this era

The No.1 leaflet was the same as the previous Playset leaflet.

The 10 set leaflets continued unchanged. The old 9 set leaflets were renumbered 10.21 - 10.30.

In 1977 the following sets were withdrawn - Electronics, 4EL and 5ME. Also some of the motors were replaced with different ones. The 1977 manuals were altered to reflect these changes.