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Changes to the manuals

The 1920 Liverpool and both American editions are titled 'Electrical Outfit' whereas the 1921 Liverpool edition is titled 'Electrical Accessory Outfit'. The outfit was probably renamed to emphasise that it was an Accessory outfit - i.e. it had to be used in conjunction with a main outfit and could not be used on its own.

A photocopy of a manual assumed to be the 1921 (521/5) Liverpool edition has been examined for contents changes noted below. Confirmation of this would be appreciated.
The following changes have been identified between the two Liverpool editions:-

The model pages of both American editions are identical to the Liverpool 720/10 edition - however the non model pages do have significant differences - see pagination details on the 'Manual Data' page.
The American version is known in two editions, both have the same print code. The first has 32 pages and the other is the same apart from pages 27-32 being omitted/cut out. (Omitted or cut out?? - an original of the second version has not yet been examined to determine which.)

The Gears 'A' outfit was introduced in 1949. In 1956 this was replaced by the Gears 'B' outfit which was the same as the Gears 'A' but with the addition of the Rod with Keyway, Key Bolts and associated parts. The set was renamed as the Gears set in 1968. It should be noted that virtually every model was replaced/redesigned at least once during the existance of the Gears Outfit/Set.

Changes during the era.

The Mechanism set was introduced in 1959 and lasted till after 1975. There were no alterations to the set during its existence. The rear cover changed periodically to reflect the latest Meccano Magazines. Like the Gears outfit, the Mechanisms outfit was renamed the Mechanisms set in the late 1960s.

Changes during the era.

Only one version of this manual has been seen