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The Meccano Motor Manual
Three editions of the Meccano Motor manual have been identified:-

Are there any other editions? - e.g. was a 1914/15 edition with the model numbers changed to suit the 1914 (No.14) manual ever published.?

Meccanograph Manual
Both a Liverpool and an American edition (Ref 10.2) of this manual were published. Whilst the model featured was nominally the same in both editions, the manual contents and layout are totally different. The Liverpool edition has 18 pages plus covers and the American edition has 24 pages plus covers.

Prize Models 1914/15 (Liverpool edition)
Three versions of this manual have so far been identified.

Prize Models 1914/15 (Colonial edition)
Only one version of this manual have so far been identified. It is a cross between versions 1 and 2 of the UK manual as follows - apart from the usual differences of the prices being approx 50% higher than the UK version:-

Page 2 - UK version 2
Page 9 - UK version 1
Page 12 - UK version 1
Page 13 - UK version 1
Page 16 - UK version 1
Pages 17-24 - UK version 2

Prize Models 1914/15 (American edition)(Reference 15.2)
This is the virtually the same as the UK version 1, apart from the expected exception of prices. The only significant difference is that the price list is moved from the rear cover to replace page 24. This was almost certainly because some of the items listed on page 24 in the UK version were not available in America.

Prize Models 1915/16 (America)(References 16.3, 17.4, 20.3, 21.4, 22.4)

The 1915/16 edition is completely different from the 1914/15 versions and is only known in an American edition. It was almost certainly printed in America. Only one printing is known. However, this one printing was sold over several years, and later copies have either labels stuck inside them with revised prices and/or new pages glued on the cut off stubs of the original pages, in order to change the parts and prices lists. Only the first edition has so far been seen. References 17.4, 20.3, 21.4 & 22.4 still to be examined.

1928-34 Books of New/Prize Models
There are two editions of the 1928 Book. There are some small differences between the them as follows:-

Only one edition of the other years is known (apart from nominally identical overseas versions). Each yearly edition is totally different with no models in common.

The 2/30 Canadian edition appears to be the same as the UK 2/30 edition except for that the price of the MM on the rear cover is 20 cents.

Steam Engine Manual - 1929/1930

Standard Mechanisms

How to Use Meccano Parts

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