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Bayko was produced from 1933 by Plimpton Engineering. You could make models of houses and buildings. It was origianlly made from Bakelite - one of the first synthetic plastics. Meccano Ltd took over Bayko in 1959;

Below there are various manuals/leafets which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

A 1935 instruction manual covering sets 1-6

A 1948 instruction manual covering sets 1-3

A 1951 instruction manual for set 3X

A 1954 instruction manual for sets 0-4

A 1955 instruction manual for sets 0-3

A Meccano Ltd era advertising leaflet dating from 1961

A 1962 instruction manual for sets 11-14

For the No.15 set a series of instruction leaflets was produced

A sheet showing the new parts contained in set 15