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Donald Arquitecto/Architect Construction Sets

Donald Arquitecto/Architect was a system for making buildings. It was made in Italy by M. Bartrés under license from Walt Disney Productions. There are two types. The earlier first series was made of wood and cardboard like Mobaco. The later second series was made of all plastic.

All the photos below have come from Caspar Mol's website about Mobaco which also contains info on Donald Arquitecto/Architect to whom I am grateful for the permission for their use. There is more information on this system on his website - https://www.mobaco.nl/Related.html.

Manufacturer / Distributor

M. Bartrés, Italy. under license from Walt Disney Productions

Below there are various photos/manuals which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

Columns seem a bit thicker than Mobaco, and the cardboard thinner. The base plate also appears thinner. Openings in cardboard are smaller than in Mobaco, probably to compensate for the weaker panel material. There seem to be no interlocking roof panels, rather the roof panels were held in place by protruding column ends. Design of the green fence parts is more elaborate than Mobaco's simple slots.

Photos of a Donald Arquitecto/Architect set
(earlier wood/cardboard version)
(Added 28/02/2022)

These sets are very colorful. The base plates are bright green, columns are red, wall panels white, railings green and floor plates and roof sections are bright red. The box has a different illustration with a more prominent Donald, the name is only in Spanish, and there are perspectives of several buildings, some of which are much larger than the set could build. The top example needs a base plate with 7 holes, while there were only 6!

Apparently there were three different sets, but set Set 1 has not yet been seen. Sets 2 and 3 were in an identical box measuring 30 x 41 cm (roughly A3 size), the only difference being a round gold sticker glued on the top-left part of the illustration with the set number.

Photos of a Donald Arquitecto/Architect set
(later all-plastic version)
(Added 28/02/2022)

Photos of a few pages from the Donald Arquitecto/Architect manual
(Added 28/02/2022)