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Fokker Technische Bouwdoos

Fokker Technische Bouwdoos was mainly a copy of Meccano parts (to imperial measurements), except that aluminium alloys were used, which necessitated some parts being changed. It was made in 1948 by the Fokker Aircraft Factory, Amsterdam, Holland, as a Christmas present for the older children of their own employees. Only around 20 sets were made.

Interestingly, although mostly Meccano pattern parts were made for the set, the manual was based on the Märklin no. 71a dutch manual. Therefore several of the parts included were different to those shown in the manual and a number of the parts included in the sets were not used in the manual models. Of note are:-
1. The 2" x 2½" triangular plate which did not exist in the Meccano system at the time (introduced six years later).
2. There is also a 1½" triangular plate whichnever existed in the Meccano system.
3. The 1½" gear and ½" pinion are actually 51 and 17 teeth respectively (instead of the Meccano 57 and 19 teeth). This can only be explained by using a bigger teeth module. Meccano gears are mostly cut to 38 DP (Diametrical Pitch), which has an equivalent teeth module of about 0.667. Fokker probably used a standard metric module of 0.7.

Another set has been seen, see last item below, which is in a wooden box (instead of cardboard) and the manual has red print (instead of black print) on the cover. Is this evidence of either the same set being made by another Fokker factory and/or the same factory in 1949/50.

Manufacturer / Distributor

Fokker Aircraft Factory, Amsterdam, Netherlands

An article about the origin of these sets was published in the club magazine of the Meccano Gilde Nederland (MGN). This is republished here with the permission of the club secretary

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Table showing Fokker parts numbers and the number of parts in each set together with the equivalent Meccano part numbers.
(Updated 11/05/2023)

The instruction manual for Fokker Technische Bouwdoos
(Added 09/05/2023)

Photos of a Fokker Technische Bouwdoos set
(Added 09/05/2023)

Photos of Fokker Technische Bouwdoos parts
(Added 09/05/2023)

Full drawings of Fokker Technische Bouwdoos parts
(Updated 11/05/2023)

A different Fokker Technische Bouwdoos set with a wooden box and different front cover of the instruction manual
(Added 09/05/2023)