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A.C. Gilbert Science Toys

A.C. Gilbert Science Toys made a variety of engineering and science based toys in the USA. Gilbert also made the famous Erector construction system. During the 1930s he took over the Meccano name in America, and some of his toys were sold under the Meccano name. E.G. the 1935 Microscope manual shown below

Below there are various manuals/leafets which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

A Gilbert Chemistry manual dated 1922

An insert for the Gilbert Chemistry manual

A Gilbert Meccano Microscope manual dated 1935

An advert for Gilbert Science sets from 1950

An advert for Gilbert Microscope sets from 1950

The 1961 catalogue for Gilbert Science toys

The instruction manual for the Gilbert Clock Sets.
(Added 06/07/2020)

Photos of the Gilbert Clock Set No.1.
(Added 07/07/2020)