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Kinema Construction Sets

Kinema was a simple construction system which used tubes with holes in them joined by special clips. It was produced in Germany from 1946 to the early 1950s

Manufacturer / Distributor

Rada, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Info from the Metal Constructional Systems Database for KINEMA

System Type
Mainly Rods/Tubes
circa 1946 to 1950 (some significant doubt)
(see comment *1)
Boss Type
double-tapped (see comment *2)
Boss Thread
Diametrical Pitch of Gears
(see comment *3)
No. of Parts in System
Hole Pitch (Spacing) (mm)
Diameter of holes in Strips(mm)
1.5 (see comment *4)
Diameter of the Bore in Bosses(mm)
Diameter of Axle Rods(mm)
Types of Nuts and Bolts
Nuts: hexagonal
Bolts: --
(see comment *5)
Material/Finish of Nuts and Bolts
Size of the Nuts across Flats (mm)
Bolt diameter (mm)

5.9mm Tubes with 1.5mm holes, joined by Unions/Split Pins. *1 Only Collar, Threaded Pin. *2 Holes for Pin, not tapped. *3 Sprockets (used as Gears?). *4 6.6 for Tubes; 1.5 for attaching parts. *5 For Threaded Pin.

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Below there are manuals/leafets and photos which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

Kinema models for set 00
(Added 14/11/2018)

A Kinema manual for set 0
(Added 11/03/2021)

Photos of the Kinema set 0 that used the previous manual.
(Added 11/03/2021)

Another Kinema manual for set 0. Note that this is in the form of a folder with loose leaf A5 sheets.
(Added 11/03/2021)

Photos of the Kinema set 0 that used the previous manual.
(Added 11/03/2021)

More loose leaf sheets of Kinema models
(Added 11/03/2021)

Photos of a Kinema set and models
(Added 11/03/2021)

Some larger Kinema models
(Added 14/11/2018)

Various photos of the Kinema construction system
(Added 14/11/2018)