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Konstruktor(30) Construction Sets

(including Malysh)

Konstruktor(30) is a Meccano-like construction system with similarities to the German Eitech "Construction" system. Indeed the Universal Constructor set is very like the GDR Construction 120 set. It was made in the Ukraine by the Kiev Aircraft Factory (Киевского авиазавода) in at least the 1980s. Malysh should be merged with this system as it refers to just the Kid (Малыш) set made by this company..

Below there are manuals/leaflets which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

A Konstruktor(30) Universal Constructor (универсальный конструктор) set manual from the 1980s

Photos of a Konstruktor(30) Universal Constructor (универсальный конструктор) set from the 1980s

A Konstruktor(30) Kid (Малыш) set manual for 1984

Photos of a Konstruktor(30) Kid (Малыш) set

Photos of a Konstruktor(30) Young Technician (Юный техник) set