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Konstruktor(33) (Конструктор) construction sets were 10mm metric hole spacing. They were made by PO Strela of Orenburg (Оренбурга, ПО «Стрела») in the mid 1980s.

Note that the same company previously made replicas of Meccano sets with standard 12.7mm spacing - See Konstruktor Shkol'nik(3).

Manufacturer / Distributor

PO Strela of Orenburg (Оренбурга, ПО «Стрела»)

An Orenburg Konstruktor (конструктор) set 2 manual from 1984.
(Added 3/11/19)

Photos of an Orenburg Konstruktor (конструктор) set 2 from 1984.
(Added 3/11/19)

An Orenburg Konstruktor (конструктор) set 3 manual from 1986.
(Added 3/11/19)