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Konstruktor Mal'chish-Kibal'chis Construction Sets

Konstruktor Mal'chish-Kibal'chis (ВКонструктор Мальчиш-Кибальчиш) was a metric constructional system, very similar to Konstruktor(28). Indeed many of the models are identical, with the same drawings apparently being used. It was made in Russia by the Grozny Experimental Plant NPO "Promavtomatika" (Грозненский опытный завод НПО "Промавтоматика") in the early 1980s

Manufacturer / Distributor

Grozny Experimental Plant NPO "Promavtomatika", Russia
(Грозненский опытный завод НПО "Промавтоматика")

Below there are manuals/leaflets which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

A Konstruktor Mal'chish-Kibal'chis set manual from 1983

Photos of a Konstruktor Mal'chish-Kibal'chis set