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Konstruktor Mekhanik(7) Construction Sets

Konstruktor Mekhanik(7) (Конструктор Механик) was a Meccano-like construction system. It was made in Leningrad by the Factory of Analytical Instruments (Завод аналитических приборов) in 1956.

The manual had 21 models. There were 53 types of parts and tools. A total of 609 parts. Metric standard. Material nickel plated steel. Wooden box. Lots of wheels with rubber tyres.

Manufacturer / Distributor

Factory of Analytical Instruments (Завод аналитических приборов), Leningrad, Russia

Below there are manuals/leaflets which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

A Konstruktor Mekhanik(7) instruction manual.
(Added 08/09/2022)

Photos of a Konstruktor Mekhanik(7) set.
(Added 08/09/2022)