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Konstruktor Modelist

Konstruktor Modelist (Конструктор Моделист) is another replica of 1960s Meccano. It uses virtually the same Meccano models in the manual as the various other Russian replicas - This set appears to build the same models as set 3 of Konstruktor(23), Yunost etc.. The hole spacing is 12.5mm (the same at the Penza sets under Konstruktor(23)). It was made in Boyarsk in the USSR in 1971. Cannot locate Boyarsk with certainty, so not sure if it is in modern day Russia or one of the other countries which made up the USSR.

Brief details - set has 46 different parts, with 215 pieces, width of strips is 11.9mm, holes are 4.5mm. Parts are made from steel, aluminium and plastic. The blue strip plates are aluminium. Small parts are nickel plated. Very good quality transparent plastic plates.

Manufacturer / Distributor

Boyarsky plant "Iskra", Boyarsk, USSR (Russia ??)

Below there are manuals/leafets which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

A Konstruktor Modelist manual from 1971.
(Added 20/02/2021)

Photos of a Konstruktor Modelist set from 1971.
(Added 20/02/2021)