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Machino was a simple Meccano-like system. Many of the parts were copies of Meccano and it was made in India in around 1962.

Manufacturer / Distributor

An unknown company from India

Info from the Metal Constructional Systems Database for MACHINO (Ref:MHO)

System Type
Very like Meccano
after 1962
Steel (probably)
Boss Type
Boss Thread
Diametrical Pitch of Gears
No. of Parts in System
Hole Pitch (Spacing) (mm)
12.7 (see comment *1)
Diameter of holes in Strips(mm)
4.0 (see comment *2)
Diameter of the Bore in Bosses(mm)
Diameter of Axle Rods(mm)
Types of Nuts and Bolts
Material/Finish of Nuts and Bolts
Size of the Nuts across Flats (mm)
Bolt diameter (mm)

Only a No.0 set has been seen. Its lid has a 1960's MECCANO No.3 Block-Setting Crane on it. The parts are red/green MECCANO-type except that their holes are rather smaller. *1*2 Estimated.

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