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Mentor Construction Sets

Mentor was an all wooden construction system for making models. Made in Bürgerl, Germany in around 1948.

Manufacturer / Distributor

Thought to be made in Bürgerl

Below there are manuals/leaflets/photos which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

Photos of a Mentor set.
(Taken from an Ebay listing)
(Added 29/09/2020)

Photos of a Mentor instruction leaflet.
(Thanks to Ingo K for the photos)
(Added 29/09/2020)

Mentor Instruction Leaflet Text Translation into English


The modular system of unlimited possibilities

consists only of the rods and brackets shown overleaf in their natural size. These two individual parts can be used to produce larger and stable structures in an astonishing variety, which are so firmly attached that they can easily be carried away by children despite their size, or such as aircraft and airship, can be hung on thin threads.

The enclosed templates are only intended to serve as a suggestion or guide for the beginner. After a short time he will produce the most varied of building constructions by himself and will take great pleasure in the not only playful, entertaining, but also quite educational activity.

In each "Mentor" kit there is a square made up of 4 bars and 4 brackets to illustrate the connection between rod and bracket.

The "Mentor" construction kit is supplied with 60 rods and 60 clips each (size I) and 120 rods and 120 clips each (size 11) with the same box size. It is the ideal add-on kit, as it only consists of 2 components (rod and clamp), which can be supplied at any time in handy packs of ten at a cheap price.

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