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Picabrix was a wooden constructional system where wooden block with holes were joined by dowels. It was made by Thornton Pickard until World War Two. Its patent application date is October 1920. It was sold until at least the early 1950s. Post War it was manufactured by Brent Toy Products Ltd.

Manufacturer / Distributor

Prewar - Thornton Pickard, Altringham, England.
Post-War - Brent Toy Products Ltd., London, NW2, England

Below there are manuals/leaflets and photos which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

A small instruction manual for Picabrix sets 0 to 3.
(Added 02/04/2023)

A large instruction manual for Picabrix sets.
(Added 02/04/2023)

The instruction manual for the Picabrix Panel set.
(Added 02/04/2023)

Photos of a Picabrix set 2.
(Added 02/04/2023)

The patent (169912) for Picabrix.
(Added 02/04/2023)