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Polykon Construction Sets

Not much is known about Polykon. The set shown below appears to make gearboxes. It was made in East Germany in probably the mid to late 1960s.

Manufacturer / Distributor

Deutsches Pädagogisches Zentralinstitut, Berlin, East Germany - Made by (difficult to make out) POH Mechanik, Oalsuite (Virgil), Rinhplatz, East Germany

Info from the Metal Constructional Systems Database for POLYKON (Ref:PYN)

System Type
Non-Meccano type
Former East Germany
Aluminium (Alloy) / Steel / Plastic
M8, M4?
Boss Type
Boss Thread
Diametrical Pitch of Gears
No. of Parts in System
Hole Pitch (Spacing) (mm)
Diameter of holes in Strips(mm)
Diameter of the Bore in Bosses(mm)
Diameter of Axle Rods(mm)
Types of Nuts and Bolts
Nuts: hexagonal
Material/Finish of Nuts and Bolts
Size of the Nuts across Flats (mm)
14(see comment *1)
Bolt diameter (mm)

Set 1 seen is a Gear Set for schools with steel Rods, cast aluminium Bases, plastic Gears, *1 and 8.

Below there are manuals/leaflets and photos which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

A Polykon manual for gearboxes
(Added 09/12/2018)

Various photos of the Polykon construction system
(Added 09/12/2018)