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Standard L.R. Construction Sets

Standard L.R. was an unusual simple construction system. It used indentations and clips to join parts together. It was made in France from the early 1930s to (probably) the mid 1950s

Jouets L.R. (the manufacturer of Standard L.R.) was founded by Louis Roussy in 1926 with the factory being in Trappes, France and with offices in Paris. The two letters, L.R., are the initials of Louis Roussy and serve as a trademark for the various names of the company's creations. His family was the owner of Nestlé and his uncle is Gustave Roussy, the well known doctor. Standard L.R. is a patent of Louis Roussy and René Trubert (the technical engineer) in February 1933. The company Jouets L.R. closed down in 1956. It is not certain when production of Standard L.R. stopped. It could be anytime between August 1949 and June 1956 when the factory shut. The company Jouets L.R. closed down all operations in 1956.

Manufacturer / Distributor

Factory: Jouets L.R., Trappes, France
Offices in Paris :
1926-1932: place Laborde
1932-1935: rue Yvon de Villarceau
1935-1946 rue Corvisart

Info from the Metal Constructional Systems Database for STANDARD L.R.

System Type
Non-Meccano type
early 1930 (see comment *1) to late 1950s
Boss Type
Boss Thread
Diametrical Pitch of Gears
No. of Parts in System
Hole Pitch (Spacing) (mm)
10.0 (multiples of value shown, including half.)
Diameter of holes in Strips(mm)
Diameter of the Bore in Bosses(mm)
Diameter of Axle Rods(mm)
Types of Nuts and Bolts
Nuts: hexagonal
Bolts: cheese (slotted)
Material/Finish of Nuts and Bolts
Brass with a Nickel plated finish
Size of the Nuts across Flats (mm)
Bolt diameter (mm)

Parts engage together by small pushed-through indentations/pips & are held by Clips or N&B. Tyres, Spanners, Gears have name on them *1 1931 known; French patent '33.

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A Standard LR manual for set 000
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A Standard LR manual for set 0
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A Standard LR manual for set 1
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A Standard LR manual for sets 0-2
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A Standard LR manual for sets 0-2
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A Standard LR manual for sets 0-4
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A Standard LR price list - undated
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A Standard LR Competition form for 1936
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Various photos of the Standard LR construction system
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