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Steel World

Steel World is like a miniature version of Meccano. It has been made in China from 2017 to the present. There are some very nice sets using a wide range of parts. It is a cut above most of the other chinese 'Polylong' systems. This year (2021) they are even producing some real gold plated limited edition sets.

Basic dimensions - Hole spacing - 7.8mm; Hole diameter - 2.7mm; Strip thickness - 1mm; Strip width - 7.7mm; Thread - M2.5

Manufacturer / Distributor

An unknown company from China

Below there are manuals/leaflets which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

Instructions for Steel World set SW001.
Added 16/11/21

Photos showing basic dimensions of Steel World parts and the tools.
Added 16/11/21

Photos of various Steel World sets.
Added 16/11/21