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U-Bild-It was a construction system with both aluminium and steel parts. It was made in the USA by Buildmaster Co. of Minneapolis, probably post WW2.

Manufacturer / Distributor

Buildmaster Co., 4916 Morgan Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Info from the Metal Constructional Systems Database for U-BILD-IT (Ref:UBI)

System Type
Meccano principle but sig. differences
after World War Two
Steel / Aluminium (Alloy)
6-32, 5-40 (see comment *1)
Boss Type
no boss (see comment *2)
Boss Thread
Diametrical Pitch of Gears
No. of Parts in System
30 (about)
Hole Pitch (Spacing) (mm)
25.4 (see comment *3)
Diameter of holes in Strips(mm)
3.4 (mean)
Diameter of the Bore in Bosses(mm)
Diameter of Axle Rods(mm)
3.2 (see comment *4)
Types of Nuts and Bolts
Nuts: square
Bolts: fillister (slotted)
(see comment *5)
Material/Finish of Nuts and Bolts
Size of the Nuts across Flats (mm)
Bolt diameter (mm)

Data from a #650 set with wood Base, steel Buckets, 1" pitch steel parts, & ½" pitch aluminium SKY-SCRAPER-like parts. *1Long Bolts 5-40. *2Sets only Road Wheel. *3'S-S' parts 12.7. *4Only Chromium Handle in Set. *5Long Bolts round head.

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