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U-Build'Em Construction Sets

U-Build'Em was a simple construction system made by the Ohio Art Company. it was probably made in the USA in around 1930. This is a freebie that The Ohio Art Company (an American classic metal toy manufacturing company founded in 1908) was offering to its good customers. It contains the parts necessary to build a small windmill.

The pieces that were found in this set are the following: 6 screws, 6 nuts, 4 angle beams of 30.7 cm. long, an axis of 14 cm. long with a stop at one end, 3 strips of 13.2 cm. long, a 10 cm blade. in diameter, a folded strip of 1x7x1 cm., a folded strip of 7x7x7 cm., a folded strip of 4.5x4.5x4.5x4.5 cm., a wide folded strip of 2.5x5.5x2.5 cm., and a 8x4.5.

Brief details - Distance between holes - variable, Diameter of holes and axles 3.41 mm. and 2.01

Manufacturer / Distributor

Ohio Art Company, Ohio, USA

Below there are manuals/leaflets which can be downloaded by clicking on the appropriate image.

Photos of the U-Build'Em windmill.
(Added 17/06/2020)