'Other' Construction and Allied Systems Downloads

'Other' Constructional and Allied Systems
Manuals and Brochures

The Meccano Construction System has spawned an enormous number of competitors over the years. Some made a virtual like for like clone whilst others were of a completely different concept together with all shades in between.

On this part of my website, I have downloads of a variety of manuals and other literature for some of these 'Other' constructional and allied systems. Also included in this section are some of the other systems by Meccano Ltd - Dinky Builder, Cliki etc.

If anyone has manuals/brochures that they would like to add to this collection, please contact me. This collection of scans only scratches the surface of what has been made over the years and I would like to make it more comprehensive.


6 October 2018 : This section of the website published

18 October 2018 : By courtesy of Jean-Pierre, scans of the following systems have been added - Alcon, Arts et Métiers, Auto-Cycle, Aviadyp, Dux, Edobaud, Fantasie 'R', Gilbert Science Kits, KA-KA-HA, Köster, Kwik Builder, Manufax, Märklin, Metallic, Metallo-Trigon, Pajtás, Primus, Solido, Tuba, Tubeplac.