'Other' Construction and Allied Systems Downloads

'Other' Constructional and Allied Systems
Manuals and Brochures

The Meccano Construction System has spawned an enormous number of competitors over the years. Some made a virtual like for like clone whilst others were of a completely different concept together with all shades in between. No other system so far has been identified as being older than Meccano.

On this part of my website, I have downloads of a variety of manuals and other literature for some of these 'Other' constructional and allied systems. Also included in this section are some of the other systems by Meccano Ltd - Dinky Builder, Cliki etc.

Note that the some system names were used several times. In order to identify the separate systems, a suffix number in brackets is added to these. Also some systems which had distinct differences in different periods etc. are also listed separately. To avoid confusion, these suffixes are the same as in the Other Systems Newsletter database produced by Tony Knowles.

If anyone has manuals/brochures that they would like to add to this collection, please contact me. This collection of scans only scratches the surface of what has been made over the years and I would like to make it more comprehensive.


10 December 2018 : By courtesy of Denis,scans of 'Metall Baukasten mit Batterie-Motor' have been added

10 December 2018 : By courtesy of Urs Flammer, scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Benco, Der_Junge_Baumeister(1), FAC, Gerner, Konstruktor Malyutka, Konstruktor(13), Konstruktor(22), Konstruktor(23), Köster, Kran Podemnyi, Maly Inzynier, Mecanic(5), Mekanik(1), Merkur, Milo, Necobo, Neuer Stabchen-Bau-Kasten, Opset Metalmec, Palikit, Pehl's Technik, Perfector, Pfiffikus, Pionier, Polykon, Puck, Record, Rex(1), Riag, Sachsenmeister, Sako, Schwerka, Solid, Sonneberger, Spranger, Staba(1), Staba(2), Stahlo-Klemm, Standard LR, Stato-Bau, Steel Tec, Stihl, Struc, Structator, Structo, Structo Auto-Builder, Tanért, Techmaster, Technico, Technikus(2), Technofix, Technokid(1), Tecnic, Teco, Tekno(1), Thale Metallbaukasten, Thale Stahlbau Technik, Titan, Trix, Tuba, Tubus, Tupo, Unsere Takstrasse, Vasek, Wema, Westfalia, Yunost, Zick-Zack(2), Zogel_Metallbaukasten.

6 December 2018 : By courtesy of Jacques Longueville, some Merkur Manuals etc. have been added.

15 November 2018 : By courtesy of Urs Flammer, scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Ami, Ami-Lac, Blema, Clou, Condor, Constructa(2), Constructor(0), Constructor(1), Constructor(2), Constructor(5), Corus, Cruson, Den Danske Ingenior, Der Junge Konstrukteur, Der Kleine Ingenieur(1), Der Kleine Ingenieur(4), Der Kleine Konstrukteur(2), Der Kleine Konstrukteur(4), Der Kleine Techniker(3), Distler Giant, Ditmar, Dux, Dux Metall Flugzeug, Edison, Efel(2), Efel(3), Eiffel(1), Electric, Erection, Ferrox, Fifa, Fix, Forgeacier, Fri-Die, Frydagh, Genial, Geniatus, Gescha, Globus, Gloria, Gnom, Hassia, HB, Heiko, Hellers Stahlbau, Hersa, Hoha, Imperator, Industrie, Ingenio(3), Jolei, Juneero, Ka-Ka-Ha, Kinema, Kliptiko, Knirps(2), Konstruktionspiel, Konstruktor Stahl-Baukasten, Konstrux, KW_Metallbaukasten, Kwik Builder, Lionel, Maba, Mac et Nick, Manufax, Märklin Marbi, Maschinenbau, Matex, Mecabel, Mechanic(1), Metallbaukasten(7)-HO, Metallico, Metallo Trigon, Meteor, MKA(1), Molecki, Mowe, Olympia, Orsta, Pitt, Staba(2).

25 October 2018 : By courtesy of Urs Flammer, scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Akron, Alpha, Assemblo, Auki, Auto Constructor, Aviadyp, Benco, Bob, Boja, Burger, Bergstädter, Clip, Kobler, Stokys, Stokys-City, Tecnico, Tim.

18 October 2018 : By courtesy of Jean-Pierre, scans of the following systems have been added - Alcon, Arts et Métiers, Auto-Cycle, Aviadyp, Dux, Edobaud, Fantasie 'R', Gilbert Science Kits, KA-KA-HA, Köster, Kwik Builder, Manufax, Märklin, Metallic, Metallo-Trigon, Pajtás, Primus, Solido, Tuba, Tubeplac.

6 October 2018 : This section of the website published.