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'Other' Constructional and Allied Systems
Manuals and Brochures

The Meccano Construction System has spawned an enormous number of competitors over the years. Some made a virtual like for like clone whilst others were of a completely different concept together with all shades in between. There are very few systems that pre-date Meccano and those that do are very simple systems.

On this part of my website, I have downloads of a variety of manuals and other literature for some of these 'Other' constructional and allied systems. Also included in this section are some of the other systems by Meccano Ltd - Dinky Builder, Aeroplane Constructor, Motor Car Constructor, Elektron, Kemex, Speed Boats, System X etc.

Note that some system names have been used several times. In order to identify the separate systems, a suffix number in brackets is added to these. Also some systems which had distinct differences in different periods etc. are also listed separately with suffix letters. To avoid confusion, these suffixes are the same as in the MCS (Metal Constructional Systems) database produced by Tony Knowles.

MCS (Metal Constructional Systems) database

The MCS (Metal Constructional Systems) database produced by Tony Knowles is now available on this website. It covers all known metal constructional systems. It can be displayed and searched on several parameters on its own dedicated page. In addition all the metal construction system pages now include their entry from the database.

There are many modern simple sets sold by a variety of manufactures, which use Eitech type parts. These are all categorised as 'Polylong' type systems in the database. A list of these systems is available via the menu above. Note that whilst some of these names appear in the MCS database, many do not.

MCS (Metal Constructional Systems) Books

In the 1980s and 1990s Frank Beadle and Don Blakeborough published a series of Metal Construction Systems (MCS) books. These books have not been updated since around the mid 1990s when Frank Beadle died. They therefore are a little out of date. They were also produced on a photocopier and consequently many of the pictures are rather poor by modern standards. However they do contain much useful information which probably is not easy to get otherwise. I have therefore scanned in the whole of Frank Beadle's MCS books.

The available system MCS documents can be downloaded or viewed from the MCS Book page. There can also be viewed on the relevant system manual pages and links against the relevant database entries.

Additional manuals/systems

If anyone has manuals/brochures that they would like to add to this collection, please contact me. This collection of scans only scratches the surface of what has been made over the years and I would like to make it as comprehensive as possible.


14 November 2019 : Scans of a Meweka manual have now been added thanks to Urs Flammer

8 November 2019 : Scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Baufix (Batifix), Chili, Elmec, Flex, Meweka, Ti-Ba. Also additions to Globus Leichtbar and Stokys. Thanks to Urs Flammer for the scans/photos.

3 November 2019 : Scans/photos of the following USSR systems have been added - Detskaya Igra, Detskiy Konstruktor, Konstruktor(2), Konstruktor(3) including Constructor(5), Konstruktor(4), Konstruktor(6), Konstruktor(10), Konstruktor(11), Konstruktor(12), Konstruktor(15), Konstruktor(16), Konstruktor(18), Konstruktor(20), including Konstruktor Voennaya Tekhnika, Konstruktor(21), Konstruktor(22) including Konstruktor-Mekhanik[2] and Konstruktor-Shkol'nik, Konstruktor(23), Konstruktor(24) including Konstruktor Malyutka, Konstruktor Shkol'nik and Konstruktor Universal'nyi, Konstruktor(25), Konstruktor(26), Konstruktor(27), Konstruktor(28), including Konstruktor K-115, Konstruktor(29) , Konstruktor(30) including Malysh, Konstruktor(31), Konstruktor(32), Konstruktor Mal'chish-Kibal'chish, Konstruktor Mekhanicheskiy, Konstruktor Mekhanik(3), Konstruktor Mekhanik(4), Konstruktor Mekhanik(5), Konstruktor Metallicheskiy, Konstruktor Shkol'nik-1, Konstruktor Universal'nyi(2), Konstruktors(1), Konstruktors(2), Mehaniskais Konstruktors Skolens including Elektromehaniskais Konstruktors, Metallicheskiy Konstruktor, Metallo Konstruktor, Sel'khoztekhnika, Tekhnicheskaya Igra Konstruktor, Vintik I Shputnik, Yunost, Yunyi Umlets, Yunyy Konstruktor.
CHEAZ has been renamed Konstruktor(20) as I have found that this was already the name for the system in Tony Knowles database.
Thanks to Dimitriy for the scans/photos.

10 October 2019 : Extra scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Betta Bilda and Brickplayer. Thanks to Nicholas Smith for these scans.

5 September 2019 : Scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Construction (both pre and post German unification), Iron Commander, Konstruktion, Konstruktor(14), Makeblock, Merkur(1), Metal Brick, Metal Builder, Metaltecnik, Mignon, Nuts and Bolts, Orsta, Plasticon, Polylong(1), Primus, Science Box, Stokys, Temsi, Trix(1), Tronico(a). Thanks to Dimitriy for the scans/photos.

30 August 2019 : Scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Märklin plus, Temsi. Thanks to Wilfried Vermeire for the scans/photos.

23 August 2019 : Scans/photos of the following systems have been added - 10th Kingdom (10е королевство), CHEAZ (ЧЭАЗ), Samodelkin (Самоделкин), Technok (ТЕХНОК), TRIK (ТРИК), Constructor(5). Thanks to Dimitriy for the scans/photos.

4 August 2019 : Scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Avionoto, Chad Valley Hydro Dynamic sets, Globus Leichtbau, Märklin plus, Rivarossi, Roco, Temsi. Thanks to Phil Johnson, Urs Flammer and Wilfried Vermeire for the scans/photos.

28 June 2019 : Scans/photos of the following systems have been added (note that in a few instances an existing manual scan has been replaced with a better one) - Der Junge Konstrukteur, FAC, Fai Meccanica, Fairymark, Falcon Building Lumber, Falt, Fischer Technik, Flexo-Buildo, Forgeacier, Formator, Gilbert Science Toys, Globus Ingenieur, Handy Craft, Heller's Stahlbau, Ik Bouw, Ingenieria Infantil, Juneero, Junior Engineer, Kiddicraft, Kis Technikus, Kitano, Kliptiko, Konstruktion, Konstruktor Universal'nyi, L'edifice, Leonardo, Lionel, Lynx, Mac et Nick, Manufax, Master Builder, Masterbuilder, Mecanic(2), Mecavion(1), Mechanic(1), Mechanika, Mekanik(1), Mercator(1), Merco, Metalin, Metall-Baukasten(1), Metallo(2), Metaplan, Meteoor, Meteor, Mex(1), Mex(2), MFC, Mignon, Model Builder, Model-It, Modelit, Modello(1), Modern-Moorcraft, Moko's Simplex, Monteur, Multimoteur, Primus. Thanks to Clive Weston for the loan of these manuals.

14 June 2019 : There was a mix-up with Merkur in that some of the downloads were actually of the short lived German Merkur(2) system. This has now been corrected with entries for both systems.

27 May 2019 : The Metal Constructional Systems (MCS) books originally published by Frank Beadle and Don Blakeborough have now been added to this website.

23 May 2019 : The MCS (Metal Constructional Systems Database) has now been added to this website. There is both a dedicated database search page and also the relevant entry is added to all metal constructional systems. Info on 'Polylong' type sets also added.

23 May 2019 : Scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Airfix, Allwrights Mechanical Productions, Alpha(2), Aluminium Construction Set, American Model Builder, American Brick Blocks, Ami, Ami-Lac, Arkirecto, Arkitex, Arte Meccanica, Assemblo, Automat, A.W.S, Bayko, Beaver, Benco, Berbis, Betta-Bilda, Bildico(2a), Bildit, Bilofix, Bilt-E-Z, Bing's Constructor, Bob(5), Boites de Construction, Bral (replaces Il Costruttore Meccanico), Bral Voli/Airei, Buz Builder, C.I.G.E.A., Clou, Condor, Construction, Construction Kits, Construction Models(a), Construction Set(2), Constructo(1), Constructo(2), Construkit, Delta-X (a), Den Danske Ingenior, Disco Ludendo, Duplex Standard Construction Toy, Dux, Efel(2), Electric, Erector, Exacto, Ezy-Bilt. Thanks to Clive Weston for the loan of these manuals.

22 March 2019 : Scans of additional manuals for Märklin Minex and Meccano X Series have been added.

22 March 2019 : By courtesy of Pepe more scans of FAC have been added.

15 March 2019 : By courtesy of Norbert Klimmek, scans/photos of Der Junge Mechaniker have been added.

13 March 2019 : Scans/photos of the following systems have been added - British Model Builder, Dinky Builder, L'Ingenieur Français, Meccano Aeroplane Constructor, Meccano Motor Car Constructor, Meccano Elektron, Meccano Kemex, Meccano Speed Boats, Meccano System X, Montex(1)

30 January 2019 : By courtesy of Urs Flammer, scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Le Charpento[a], Le Charpento[b], Cruson, Electric, Il Costruttore Meccanico, Mechanika, Metal Baukasten[12], Seeger, Technical Trainer

26 December 2018 : Trix has been split into three pages - Trix[1] (Germany), Trix[2] (UK) and Trix[3] (France) to align better with the MCS database, which it is hoped to shortly have on this website.

22 December 2018 : By courtesy of Urs Flammer, scans/photos of the 'Miniator' system have been added.

21 December 2018 : More scans of old 'Marklin' manuals have been added. Also some of the transitional Meccano-Marklin period. Also Marklin Elex and Marklin Minex have been given their own separate pages to align with the MCS database.

10 December 2018 : By courtesy of Denis, scans of 'Metall Baukasten mit Batterie-Motor' have been added

10 December 2018 : By courtesy of Urs Flammer, scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Benco, Der_Junge_Baumeister(1), FAC, Gerner, Konstruktor Malyutka, Konstruktor(13), Konstruktor(22), Konstruktor(23), Köster, Kran Podemnyi, Maly Inzynier, Mecanic(5), Mekanik(1), Merkur, Milo, Necobo, Neuer Stabchen-Bau-Kasten, Opset Metalmec, Palikit, Pehl's Technik, Perfector, Pfiffikus, Pionier, Polykon, Puck, Record, Rex(1), Riag, Sachsenmeister, Sako, Schwerka, Solid, Sonneberger, Spranger, Staba(1), Staba(2), Stahlo-Klemm, Standard LR, Stato-Bau, Steel Tec, Stihl, Struc, Structator, Structo, Structo Auto-Builder, Tanért, Techmaster, Technico, Technikus(2), Technofix, Technokid(1), Tecnic, Teco, Tekno(1), Thale Metallbaukasten, Thale Stahlbau Technik, Titan, Trix, Tuba, Tubus, Tupo, Unsere Takstrasse, Vasek, Wema, Westfalia, Yunost, Zick-Zack(2), Zogel_Metallbaukasten.

6 December 2018 : By courtesy of Jacques Longueville, some Merkur Manuals etc. have been added.

15 November 2018 : By courtesy of Urs Flammer, scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Ami, Ami-Lac, Blema, Clou, Condor, Constructa(2), Constructor(0), Constructor(1), Constructor(2), Constructor(5), Corus, Cruson, Den Danske Ingenior, Der Junge Konstrukteur, Der Kleine Ingenieur(1), Der Kleine Ingenieur(4), Der Kleine Konstrukteur(2), Der Kleine Konstrukteur(4), Der Kleine Techniker(3), Distler Giant, Ditmar, Dux, Dux Metall Flugzeug, Edison, Efel(2), Efel(3), Eiffel(1), Electric, Erection, Ferrox, Fifa, Fix, Forgeacier, Fri-Die, Frydagh, Genial, Geniatus, Gescha, Globus, Gloria, Gnom, Hassia, HB, Heiko, Hellers Stahlbau, Hersa, Hoha, Imperator, Industrie, Ingenio(3), Jolei, Juneero, Ka-Ka-Ha, Kinema, Kliptiko, Knirps(2), Konstruktionspiel, Konstruktor Stahl-Baukasten, Konstrux, KW_Metallbaukasten, Kwik Builder, Lionel, Maba, Mac et Nick, Manufax, Märklin Marbi, Maschinenbau, Matex, Mecabel, Mechanic(1), Metallbaukasten(7)-HO, Metallico, Metallo Trigon, Meteor, MKA(1), Molecki, Mowe, Olympia, Orsta, Pitt, Staba(2).

25 October 2018 : By courtesy of Urs Flammer, scans/photos of the following systems have been added - Akron, Alpha, Assemblo, Auki, Auto Constructor, Aviadyp, Benco, Bob, Boja, Burger, Bergstädter, Clip, Kobler, Stokys, Stokys-City, Tecnico, Tim.

18 October 2018 : By courtesy of Jean-Pierre, scans of the following systems have been added - Alcon, Arts et Métiers, Auto-Cycle, Aviadyp, Dux, Edobaud, Fantasie 'R', Gilbert Science Kits, KA-KA-HA, Köster, Kwik Builder, Manufax, Märklin, Metallic, Metallo-Trigon, Pajtás, Primus, Solido, Tuba, Tubeplac.

6 October 2018 : This section of the website published.