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In the 1970s Frank Beadle and Don Blakeborough became very interested in metal constructional systems other than Meccano and in 1983 they jointly published the first volume of their Metal Construction Systems (MCS) series of books. This was followed over the next twenty years or so by four more volumes and several additional updates.

These books have not been updated since around the mid 1990s when Frank Beadle died. They therefore are a little out of date. They were also produced on a photocopier and consequently many of the pictures are rather poor by modern standards. However they do contain much useful information which probably is not easy to get otherwise. I have therefore scanned the whole of Frank Beadle's MCS books. These are now available on this website in PDF format. There is a separate files for each system.

I have updated the system names where necessary to agree with those in Tony Knowle's database. I have also updated the front page of each system to add in extra information which has come to light since the books were published. I have also added in cross reference to articles on Tony Knowles 'Other Systems Newsletter' for each system. I have not however updated the pictures etc. on the rest of the pages, so many of these are rather poor photocopies.

The available system MCS documents are available below. There are also links to them on the relevant system manual pages and on the database entries.

The MCS documents can be viewed online below with no need to download them to your computer first. You also have the option to download them to your computer in PDF format. Please select the required system document in the dropbox below.

Some older browsers cannot display the document in the page. For those people the Newsletter can be downloaded to your computer using the dropbox below.