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Sets sold under a number of system/brand names are covered in the MCS Database by one entry: POLYLONG. The parts in these sets include some originals but most look like Eitech's CONSTRUCTION. The first sets were made by Polygon; later ones, the 'POLYLONG' outfits, were/are made by other firms. As a result certain parts in Polylong sets differ very slightly from comparable parts in some of the later sets, TECH & METAL KITS for example. As far as the Database is concerned the details of the sets which have been examined, Polylong or not, are with four exceptions, the same. The exceptions are -
1) The total number of part quoted will not be correct for many of the different systems/brands;
2) HAPPY PEOPLE, & possibly JOE-MO, have similar parts but with a hole pitch of 11mm;
3) Some early (and most later, see TRONICO) RCEE GmbH sets again have similar parts but most of their holes are 4.2mm square;
4) A few sets have a mix of 10.0mm pitch Eitech & ½" pitch Meccano style parts.

The following 'Polylong' type systems have photos/manual scans on this website:-
Alloy Building Block, AtoZ, Build It, Construct It, Haynes, HMT, House of Marbles, Imperial War Museum, Intelligent DIY Models, Iron Commander, JCB, Kustom Metal, Mechanik(2), Mechanix(4)(B and M), Metal Brick, Metal Bricks, Metal DIY Model, Metal Kits, Metal Tech, Metallica, NASA, Nuts and Bolts, Polylong Type sets, Rig Out Oneself, Science Club, Smart Theory, X-Tech Metal Construction,

Below the names of all the systems known with in some cases the brand name in lower case after the system name. The original Polylong systems are asterisked. There are many other sets which have just the name of the model an the lid.