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Mag ScansEditionYearMonthPageArticleArticle TypeAuthor(s)
Mag-111981November2A Brush With 'Wisdom'ReviewMike Beadman
Mag-111981November3Chairman's PageMiscellaneousRichard Bingham
Mag-111981November4Nice - but not Easy! (level-luffing)MechanismJohn Howe
Mag-111981November6SMG Meeting - 24th October 1981Meeting reportAnon
Mag-221982June2The Hole or Much Ado About NothingMemoirBernard Sage
Mag-221982June2Why Don't I make A…MechanismPeter Mason
Mag-221982June3SMG Meeting - 3rd April 1982Meeting reportAnon
Mag-331982December2Torque AmplifierMechanismPeter Mason
Mag-331982December4Mecca-No!MemoirBernard Sage
Mag-331982December5Yorkshire Dales Railway ExhibitionShow reportAnon
Mag-331982December6SMG Meeting - 16th October 1982Meeting reportAnon
Mag-441983August2Membership listMiscellaneousPeter Mason
Mag-441983August3SMG Meeting - 23rd April 1983Meeting reportAnon
Mag-551984February2Open the BoxMemoirBernard Sage
Mag-551984February2Hornby Get-TogetherShow reportMike Beadman
Mag-551984February3SMG Meeting - 15th October 1983Meeting reportRichard Bingham
Mag-551984February5Lego - a Constructive CriticismReviewMike Beadman
Mag-661984May2SMG Meeting - 14th April 1984Meeting reportKen Ashton
Mag-661984May4Hobbies Exhibition, GuiseleyShow reportAlan Grimshaw
Mag-661984May5Mekkin' a Meccano ModelMemoirBernard Sage
Mag-661984May5Astronomical Clock (by Pat Briggs)MechanismPeter Mason
Mag-661984May7In PassingMiscellaneousKen Ashton
Mag-661984May7Nothing SeriousStories, Poems etc.Robin Johnson
Mag-661984May93-1/2" Geared BearingMechanismHank Stone
Mag-771984September2Chairman's PageMiscellaneousRichard Bingham
Mag-771984September3Keith CameronMemoirPeter Mason
Mag-771984September4GadgetsMiscellaneousAlan Grimshaw
Mag-771984September5The Meccano 110V Electric MotorHistoricalRoy Everitt
Mag-771984September5Nothing SeriousStories, Poems etc.Robin Johnson
Mag-771984September7Where There's Brass There's MuckRestorationPeter Mason
Mag-881984December2One Moment!AnnouncementRobin Johnson
Mag-881984December3SMG Meeting - 13th October 1984Meeting reportRichard Bingham
Mag-881984December5Sheffield Model Railway ExhibitionShow reportRichard Bingham
Mag-881984December6A Word to the WivesMiscellaneousRobin Johnson
Mag-991985March2From Our ChairmanAnnouncementRichard Bingham
Mag-991985March3SMG Meeting - 20th April 1985AnnouncementAnon
Mag-991985March4Part Bending and Cutting JigsTechniqueAlan Grimshaw
Mag-991985March5The Magnet and the 'K' OilcanStories, Poems etc.Robin Johnson
Mag-991985March5Hints and SuggestionsMechanismBernard Sage, Stan Honke
Mag-991985March6Gearless FreewheelMechanismBernard Sage
Mag-991985March6One-way ClutchMechanismBernard Sage
Mag-10101985June2SMG at Norton - 20th April 1985AnnouncementRobin Johnson
Mag-10101985June2AuctionAnnouncementRobin Johnson
Mag-10101985June3SMG at Norton - 20th April 1985Meeting reportAnon
Mag-10101985June7Membership listMiscellaneousAnon
Mag-10101985June8North Staffs Meccano GuildShow reportReg Hall
Mag-10101985June9James Watt's Parallel Link MotionMechanismPeter Mason
Mag-10101985June11Meccano Exhibition at IlkleyShow reportRichard Bingham
Mag-10101985June12BadgesAnnouncementRichard Bingham
Mag-10101985June13Mystery BearingMiscellaneousMichael Kent, Robin Johnson
Mag-10101985June14Gems from 'The Mikano'Stories, Poems etc.Robin Johnson
111985September10-6-0 Tank LocomotiveCover pictureKeith Cameron
111985September3SMG at Cutler's Hall!MiscellaneousRobin Johnson
111985September3Bradford ExhibitionAnnouncementRobin Johnson
111985September3Cleveland Meccano SoldMiscellaneousRobin Johnson
111985September3Three Million Francs to Restart Meccano manufacture!MiscellaneousRobin Johnson
111985September4Salford Show - August 1985Show reportRichard Bingham
111985September4My Meccano CabinetTechniqueAlan Grimshaw
111985September7The Trix Electric Motor 2161HistoricalRobin Johnson
111985September8On the Subject of Dog ClutchesMechanismRoy Everitt
111985September9Have a Go 'AT-AT' ItModel descriptionDennis Higginson
111985September101014-Powered 0-6-0 Tank LocomotiveBuilding instructionsKeith Cameron
111985September14Introducing the Members 1ProfileBernard Sage
111985September15From Our ChairmanAnnouncementRichard Bingham
111985September15Stacking Meccano PartsTechniqueRoger le Rolland
111985September16Parallel Motion EquationMechanismMike Cotterill
111985September16Material Wanted (Kitchener)AnnouncementRobin Johnson
111985September17Oh Norton! (from 'The Mikano')Stories, Poems etc.Robin Johnson
111985September19SMG AccountsAnnouncementPeter Mason
121985December1Weatherhill Winding EngineCover picturePeter Mason
121985December3Successful Exhibitions!MiscellaneousRobin Johnson
121985December3Franc Hornby!MiscellaneousRobin Johnson
121985December4A Christmas StoryStories, Poems etc.Roger le Rolland
121985December5Screw Differential ServoMechanismJohn Howe
121985December7Thirty-tooth Escapement WheelMechanismBill Woolliscroft
121985December8One for the Young 'Uns (crane)Building instructionsDennis Higginson, Wallie Hinson
121985December9Weatherhill Winding EngineBuilding instructionsPeter Mason
121985December14My Meccano Cabinet (continued)TechniqueAlan Grimshaw
121985December16Norton Views (autumn 1985)Meeting reportRobin Johnson
121985December20Better Motor ControlMechanismMartyn Dowen
121985December22Auto-Reverse for LocomotivesMechanismKeith Cameron
121985December24Short Couplings and Bell Cranks (from 'The Mikano')Stories, Poems etc.Robin Johnson
121985December26Introducing the Members 2ProfileJohn Howe
121985December27Trix AirwaysHistoricalRobin Johnson
121985December29Uncle Michael RepliesMiscellaneousMike Beadman
131986March1SangstergraphCover pictureKeith Cameron
131986March3SMG Membership Doubles!MiscellaneousRobin Johnson
131986March3Help!MiscellaneousRob Mitchell
131986March4Accurate Pendulum Clocks: 1EngineeringJohn Howe
131986March6The Meccano Motor Car: 1MechanismBill Woolliscroft
131986March8A Matter of ScaleTechniqueRoy Everitt
131986March10Bill Sangster's MeccanographBuilding instructionsKeith Cameron
131986March15'As good as a Fairy Story…'HistoricalRobin Johnson
131986March16In Search of PerfectionReviewPeter Mason
131986March18Book of the Decade?Book reviewRobin Johnson
131986March20Letters to the EditorMiscellaneousVarious
131986March21Auto-Reverse on Wrong Lines?MechanismMichael Edwards
131986March22The Disagreeable Meccanoman (from 'The Mikano')Stories, Poems etc.Robin Johnson
131986March22Respect These Oilcans!MiscellaneousIvor Tensette
131986March23Educating the Meccanoman's WifeMemoirBernard Sage
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