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Had "Plastic (Junior) Meccano" as a child in the mid 1970's, and loved it. Bought a large quantity on eBay for my Grandson to use when he visits. Thought it would make a change from computer games etc.

Needed some building instructions, and found your website, it is absolutely fantastic, spent a couple of hours printing loads out.

Looking forward to many hours of fun, thank you.

Added: November 14, 2019
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Hoping to find out the world wide earliest publication of „Robot (or Mechanical Man)“. Model No. 6.3 in the instructions 1930, England. But a couple of years ago I saved two subsequent pics from anywhere, first the cover of Meccano Argentina instructions 1929, second this same robot, same model number. One year before the English edition. Do these pics actually come from the same manual?

Please let me know your opinion & experience re Meccano‘s publication and model development process. Thought it were centralized in Liverpool. Is it no surprise, to find models first published and possibly developed elsewhere? My impression, Meccano Argentina has been an important and autonomous division.

Can somebody help confirm the robot model’s publication in manual No. 29, „Instrucciones Equipos Nos. 4 a 7“, Argentina? Or any other publication pre 1930. Do you hold a copy or a consistent pdf to give evidence?

Your help much appreciated, many thanks

Added: October 8, 2019
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I am looking for mr. Roelf Falkema because I heard he is a keen collector of metal construction kits and knows a lot about it. Maybe he knows more about the following contruction kit:
It seems to be a a very rare German contruction kit: AUTO-CONSTRUCTOR (1). It is a box for building several cars and with a separate little box AUTO-CONSTRUCTO 3, with extra's for building a airplane. I have also found an advertisement from 1928 for the kit. On internet and I only found a sold incomplete box from Spain.
So my aim is to contact him and ask him if he knows about it

Added: September 29, 2019
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Nicely laid out website with good imagery. Fascinating . Obviously a lot of hard work involved.

On the manual covers page it is only possible to look at set one manual in any detail on the Apple MacBook Pro . I can view the other images but soon as I mouse over to it. it changes back to set !

Added: September 15, 2019
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Love coming back to your site to pick through your database for stuff I haven't already got and hold for our club members.

Added: September 9, 2019
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you have a great wealth of Meccano and constructional sets info,a great database

Added: May 31, 2019
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My interest in meccano goes back to my childhood in the late 1940s/ early 1950s when I was given a no 7 set as an Xmas present. I subsequently upgraded it to 8 and then 9 , but never was able to make the final step.
Unfortunately over the years and with countless moves I’m afraid most of this got lost so now I’m now retired and in a position to reactivate my lonblong lost hobby, I stumbled upon this brilliant website, which just about contains all of the information a meccano enthusiast would ever need. No doubt I will be revisiting on numerous occasions in the future
Thanks for this remarkable labour of love!

Added: April 2, 2019
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My father and his brother had won a price by Meccano after WW II, I guess it was in 1945 or 1946. Their construction was exposed in the window of "Innovation" (big shop, compare with Harrods) in Louvain ,Belgium. Afterwards they have got free Meccano to make more constructions, which also where exposed in the Innovation.
Can we find somewhere more information about it?
The shop Innovation of Louvain was destructed by a big fire in the sixties.
My father and his brother passed away.
Thanks in advance.
R. Leurs

Added: March 6, 2019
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Fascinated to see that a model I built in 1965 features in the Feb '65 Meccano Magazine.
My dad, also Peter, worked for Meccano for several years - he was the bloke who presided over the change of colours from the green/red to the garish yellow and black! He also helped to develop the plastic blister packs for Dinky toys and introduced PlayDo from the States.
I was proud to know Bob Moy who built so many of the Meccano and Hornby models at Binns Road.
It was truly a fantastic and fascinating company.

Best wishes and congratulations and thanks for your work on preserving and making accessible this wonderful archive.
Peter (Teddy)!!

Added: January 22, 2019
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I'm 72 and had a green and red No. 7 set in c1959 which I loved.

A couple of months ago I bought a newer No. 7 set on ebay to give to my grandson at Christmas. The box is reasonably good but there were parts missing so I bought a job lot of parts to try and make the set complete.

It's now 2.30am on Christmas Day and I'm having fun trying to make the No. 7 set complete . Your parts list for sets, which I have just found on the web has been a godsend, thanks very much indeed.

The models in the instruction book (ref 456/66) which came with the set I bought on ebay are from 1966. For my 'modern' 8 year old grandson I suspect they will be dated (I'll know later today), and I was wondering... Are there are any instruction books with more modern models, which can be made with a 1966 No.7 set, available?

With my best wishes for Christmas and the New Year
Tony Burch


Added: December 25, 2018
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